Anyone not remember most of their c-section?

has any other mother had an emergency c-cetion and cant remember half of it!!! it was my 1st child. happy that we are both well and alive but I cant for the life of me piece together the whole day event. my husband has told me the whole story but I feel like I wasnt there… in was awake for the whole thing him by my side…was it the “drugs” that made me forget or have I mentally blocked it all out


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I am the same way with my first. They had to tilt the table just before though because I could still feel the top of my stomach.

I don’t remember much from mine. I remember most from recovery room on.

My first and second I can’t remember, both the csection an after. (that was 18 years and 7 years ago) I guess forgot overtime.

I remember just bits of my 3rd (that was over 2 years ago). I was so scared the spinal block was going to hurt, worked myself up but once it was done I was like is that all…
I remember laying there, arms out (everyone talking to me). The horrible burning skin smell, I think laying there wondering when the baby is out … I can’t forget seeing inside my stomach (they accidentally moved the curtain an I could see them cutting me open. . I know they had a bit of trouble working around my scar tissue (as it was my 3rd) so there was a lot of talking - and them quickly needing to put more in my spinal block, seems it took longer it started wearing off.

Once my son was born I still laugh at the anaesthetist trying to help settle him, as he cried for so long after he was born. (Although I had my csection a week older due to my water breaking at 37 weeks) I don’t think he was ready to come out.

But they were all so great, I would pass out…

Could be being overwhelmed by it all. By then I can’t remember every second of a week ago lol.

I completely remember mine but it was only 7 months ago

Possibly a mental block if it was traumatizing to you. If you passed out afterwards or slept for a long time you probably went into shock and repressed it.