Anyone not send their child to preschool?

My husband and I had planned to send our son to the same preschool our daughter attended, starting this fall, but we just found out they’re closing, and we’re having trouble finding another one that fits our budget or the schedule we hoped for.


I’m a preschool teacher and I highly recommend preschool not just for academics but social skills , and structure.


My kids four and just started this year. We weren’t a fan of these daycares and the fake preschools. Once she hit of age to go to the private school she’s going to till graduation we sent her. Just do work at home to keep her level with learning

Only reason my kiddos went was because it was free offered through our school district. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.

My older son didn’t go to preschool.

I myself didnt go to preschool.