Anyone struggle to get pregnant with their second?

Has anyone had fertility issues with your second? My first came no problem, even with me having endometriosis. Now 4 years later, I am much heavier but not terribly and I have been trying for for 8+ months and now this month I skipped my period all together and the tests are negative. I have an appointment with the doctor but i couldn’t get in for a while and advice or shared experiences?

My first I got pregnant as a teen while on birth control. It took me 4 years of trying to convince with my second and I had to be on hormone therapy.
With my third I was pregnant the month after having my birth control removed.

Don’t over stress it, it’ll happen. Maybe it’s time to see your OBGYN and have some blood work done.

As much as we hate to hear it weight does play a factor and sometimes losing just 10% can make things easier. I was in denial for years.


Yes it took me two years and two losses to get pregnant with my second when my first only took a couple months. Definitely talk to your doctor about it but I changed my diet and started vitamins like ashwaganda and fertility ones to help I also put my husband on vitamins. After a couple months of that it worked👍🏻 hopefully you can figure out what works for you good luck mama!

Took me 10 years to get pregnant with my second.

Got pregnant with my first no problem. After a year of trying for a second I got diagnosed with endometriosis. Ended up with a ruptured ectopic last January due to the endometriosis damaging the fallopian tube. Was told by Fertility that the other tube was too far damaged as well and that we needed to remove before completing IVF. Had the second tub removed in December and have plans to do our first transfer this summer. With Endometriosis I’d go get checked. They did an ultrasound and HSG along with all the hormone labs which eventually lead to laparoscopic surgery to try and clear the adhesions from the endo.