Anyone struggle with food adversions?

Any mamas struggle with food aversions? If so what did find that you could eat? I’ve only been able to eat grapes I am miserable and starving please help, any advice is appreciated!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone struggle with food adversions?

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Still struggle now at 29 weeks pregnant. Popsicles really help

I started with popsicle then went to smoothies!

My heart goes out to you! I was on dry scrambled eggs, applesauce and bananas for weeks :cry:

While pregnant?? YES… SO hard to eat anything… it eventually went away… I lost weight… could only eat cerial… and mostly just shreddies. One time I felt I could drink orange juice… big mistake… walking to work, threw up on the way… orange juice is not good coming the opposite direction… forwarning!!! Lol. I gained more than enough weight… baby was perfectly healthy… so… no worries, relax… do your best… and it’s enough. You’re enough.

Bone broth, ice cream, pudding, fruit, pickles help me so much when I sick

My aversion was literally against everything.
I was terrified. Went to a dietician and they told me whatever food I could eat was good for me and to eat it. Healthy or not. So I lived on popsicles and a couple other things during my entire pregnant 🥲

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Put lemon or lime on everything
And saltine crackers

I find that feeling hungry makes for more nausea

There are acupressure bracelets that really helped me

I really love grape limeade from sonic
Watered down Gatorade also helps

Instant breakfast/Ensure, how about mashed potatoes, plain or vanilla yogurt? Toss tofu, carob powder, a banana, honey and peanut butter in a blender & you have a nutrient-dense dish that tastes like chocolate pudding. Recipe is from Kathy Hoshijo.

Spaghetti and brownies lol

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I found that taking my prenatal at night helped. Eating bananas helped.
But yes. Very common. A lot of my favorite food I no longer wanted and I craved things I would never have eaten.
With my middle son I had it really bad. I felt so sick. I was limited to fries and sweet tea. I talked with my OB and they had me on an anti nausea medication to help with the aversion. I was finally able to eat more once I was taking that. Talk with the Ob about it.

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I got sick on nearly everything with my second baby. I was able to eat saltine crackers, cereal, and toast. I was able to add Mac and cheese, but I had to cut it out because I was gaining too much weight. Nearly everything I was able to eat was fattening, so I had to get a diet book. Once I was able to tolerate eggs, I could handle them hard-boiled. No grease. Toast was ok as long as I only had one piece. Soup was ok if it was low sodium. Veggie soup mostly, creamy soups had too many calories. Raw veggies were ok once they sat on my stomach ok, but you have to watch carrots, they have natural sodium. Celery is ok. It’s mostly water and fiber. Watermelon is good. Cucumbers. They all sit on your stomach ok after awhile. You just have to be patient and keep trying.