Anyone take unisom while pregnant?

Any moms taken Unisom for pregnancy? I know it helps with nausea but I really need it for my sleep because it’s been so jacked up lately. But my question was if there was a specific kind you could or couldn’t take? There’s different kinds and I didn’t want to grab the wrong one if that was possible

I have no idea if unisom is okay but Tylenol PM is and that stuff works wonders.
Just give your OB office a call and check before you take it :blush:

You absolutely can. FYI my psychiatrist recommended mommy med the app. It’s amazing and so helpful. 

Yes it’s okay to take.ine recommend that and b6 for heartburn and sleeping. I didn’t like it very much but I think it works

My ob just told me this past week to take it for Nausea along with b6, but she said that the dosage you are able to take wouldn’t help a whole lot with sleep but that I could try it for that as well…just ask your ob to get the right dosage amount