Anyone terrified to have another baby?

Did anyone have a bad birth experience than have another and it be okay? I had an emergency C-section last time and it terrified me but recently I have been thinking a lot of just having ONE more…but terrified


I had an emergency caesarean with my first and she was a really poorly child all the time and had colic on top of it all etc.

But I’ve recently just had another one, this was a planned caesarean for reasons out of my control and she’s honestly the happiest and easiest baby I’ve ever come across. I haven’t regretted it once :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I didn’t mind having another caesarean if it was planned, it was so laid back x

You don’t have to have a caesarean again…

With having had an emergency c-section you’ll likely be recommended for a scheduled c-section, which seems like a good idea given your feelings.

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I had toxemia and a an emergency C section with my 1st and I hemorrhaged.
Two miscarriages and then a pregnancy where because of my history total bed rest for the first 3 months….scheduled C section. My babies were big (9.4 and 9.10) so a section was actually better.

My 1st baby was stillborn, my 2nd I developed gestational diabetes and had pre eclampsia i had a c section and she was rushed to nicu where she stayed for 8 days after her sugars bottomed out. My 3rd I had no symptoms hardly and was a super easy pregnancy. C section went easy (well it’s still surgery) but no problems except a little fluid on his lungs which is normal with c section.

I had an emergency C-section but it wasn’t traumatic at all. I am about to have my second baby in a week . I have a scheduled c-section and I haven’t been more relaxed in my life.

I had an emergency c-section with my first, and the almost died from preeclampsia with my second, went on to have baby 3 and 4 with no issues. Every pregnancy is different.

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Had an emergency c-section, then regular birth after that didn’t go well again but baby ended up fine, third baby came out easily.

Yes I’ve had two births out of 8 that were really difficult to process. The rest were not a big deal at all. I’d personally stay home for the birth