Anyones 10 month old only take one nap?

My 10-month-old has just been taking one nap a day. He sleeps great at night. Does anybody else’s kid around that age only take one nap. He will up in the morning and stay awake for about 4 hours, then sleep for around 2 hours, and then he’ll be awake the rest of the day until 7:30 or so. He doesn’t seem to be fussy.


My son only took 1 nap! Then he stopped taking naps when he was like 2 haha. He was just never really a “napper” but always slept good through the night!

My kids only takes one nap. From 330-6. Even when she was little. But I also let her sleep whenever, outside of that time, she wanted before 2 years old.

My son is 7m and I let him sleep but he only takes one structured nap at 330p and that’s how we will continue as he gets older.

Yes, my son went from one nap to no naps by one. Idk how he did it but my daycare said it’s crazy he just doesn’t sleep. Still fights it to this day and he’s 18.

Mine never really did a morning nap, just a two-hour one after lunch.

He is getting more than enough sleep do not worry about him. Do not wake him up.  that’s literally what a 10 month old does play eat sleep and shit I promise you your kid is fine and running off of hot energy 

Our infant rarely napped. 10 mins here, 15 mins there. As soon as she started walking, she needed 2 naps. She was just so busy!

That’s when we transitioned to 1 mid day nap

Leave that child alone unless u want that child up all night