Anyones baby have a sacral dimple?

"Anyone’s baby have a sacral dimple? My daughter has one and they want to do an ultrasound to make sure she doesn’t have spine issues and I’m completely freaking out.


My daughter was born with one they did an US on the day of her birth to make sure it was closed. She hasn’t had any spine issues and she’s 10 now. Just had to make sure it was kept clean.

My daughter had one when she was born and they did nothing. I didn’t even know it was a thing until she was older. She’s 23 now, no problems.

My son does he is 7 no issues

Two of my boys had them. They both had ultrasounds within 2 weeks of being born. They do an ultrasound to make sure they don’t have a tethered spinal cord, chances are your daughter won’t have one either. My doc said there’s only a 3-5% chance of it. I wouldn’t worry too much momma, I know it’s hard, I worried too. 🩷

My 2 year old has one that was separated by a very thin layer of tissue when he was born and now the tissue has become thicker. I was told that it’s very common to have. He has no spine issues whatsoever