Anyones baby have flat head syndrome?

Have any mamas had experience with their babies having flat head syndrome and having to use a helmet? If so, Can you explain your experience and whether you used a helmet or not?


We are supposed to be going to get evaluated for a helmet…I’ve been putting it off because his head is fixing itself

My son is getting one. He also has torticolis* in his neck which is why he mainly prefers one side over the other causing his head to be flat on one side. Our insurance doesn’t cover it so I had to get him on Medicaid which thankfully he qualified for because of the torticolis. The helmet is recommended because his ears and eyes can be aligned off

I love all the comments from parents who dont know anything about it so they give wrong advice! Mama I just went through this and today actually my son graduated physical therapy for the torticollis in his neck!! 10 long months of therapy! He also wore one of the bands “helmet”!! It sure was a stinky process lol! However his head is 100% better! The flatness was changing the shape of his face, eyes, and ears! It can get really bad! The sooner its detected and fixed the shorter amount of time the child will have to wear the band! Good luck mama!