Anyones c-section scar still numb from years ago?

For all of my C-Section mommas this is a genuine question. My youngest is 8, and I’m still numb completely where they cut. Any of you still have this too? Also to add, I am NOT concerned, just curious.


Mine is still, my son is 6. It also itches sometimes, but like… inside it itches. When I try to scratch the itch, I can’t get it. I don’t know how to describe it, lol


Different scar entirely but
I had two knee replacements 4/5 years ago and scars still numb in places. Doctor told me sometimes the nerve endings just don’t knit back together
So nothing can be done
I can walk great, all that matters.

Nerve damage from scarring. I’ve had 3 C-sections I feel the same thing.

My c was 12 years ago and underwear still hurt my scar. Luckily I don’t mind being free as a bird and wouldn’t be caught wearing low rise anything.


Not as bad but like a solid year when mine finally got feeling back to it…i had awful jolting pain here and there till it was good to go. It still feels a tad numb but back and thankfully no more pain jolts. But I do have to support if I sneeze or it hurts. I’m 5 years out next month

3 c sections. Latest was 8years ago. Completely numb

I had an emergency csection… very fast… mine looks like a freaking snake, and 37 years later I’m still numb …


My son will only be 3 in September but I’m still numb and I had VBAC 11 months after he was born

Yes my daughter is almost 2 & it’s still numb on & around my scar

Yep! I had an emergency c-section with my 1st and a planned with my 2nd. I had to be cut open extra on one side of my scar as well as he was a chunky monkey! Still numb! I do my Clexane injections where it’s numb so I can’t feel it! :rofl:

I had 3. 2009, 2011, and 2013. My scar is numb

Yes. My child just turned 10 this past Sunday and it’s still this odd numb feeling. I assumed it was because I had repeat c-sections and maybe nerves were effected.


My eldest is 22yo and my youngest is 13yo and I’m still numb in a triangle from my bellybutton out to both ends of my first csection scar. I feel pain but nothing else, it causes a few problems.


Yes. I had C-sections nearly 9 years ago and nearly 7 years ago and I can’t feel a thing around a good chunk of my stomach where the incision is

Yep, 39 yrs… just the incision area. When they cut the nerve, the feeling never comes back.

Yep! My last c-section was 2001…still numb


I still have some numbness and irritation almost 31 yrs. later

When I had my second child 16 years ago my c section scar went numb for 5 years

Yeah it’s nerve damage. It will probably always be numb. I have some other scars from other surgeries and they are also numb. Had my son almost 11 years ago and it’s always been numb.

I had a c/s in 2021 and a liver transplant in 2009 and my whole abdomen is numb. I can’t feel a thing

Mine are almost 13 and and 10. I wouldn’t say numb exactly, but feels weird. And I still get random shooting pains sometimes

My c section was 7 years ago and yes mine is like partially numb. I can still feel it but it feels super weird to touch it. Hard to explain.

Mine was completely numb around the whole area. Had acupuncture to the area and now have full sensation except directly on the scar tissue.


7 layers were cut open. Nerves, muscle yeah it’s going to be numb

Oldest 24 youngest 13 and an abdominal hysterectomy in 2016 my scar is numb, but i just checked my leg where i sliced it open in 1991 and its numb too

Yes, half of my stomach is still numb from my first csection and they’re almost 20 youngest is 12

I have several areas on my lower belly that area with out feeling.

From belly button down has no feeling. And I’m not a skinny mommy. Have 15 year old twins and an 8 year old. Both csections.

My twins are 32 and yes the lower part of my stomach is numb.

When they cut u the nerves there die. I’ve had 7 c-sections. Been numb for 20.5 years there.


I have a 20 year old scar from an ectopic pregnancy. It’s is still numb to this day.

26 years later and m scar is numb and also gets really sore , sometimes.
I think it must be a normal side affect.

My oldest is 18 and youngest is almost 11 and yes mine is numb & sometimes itchy!

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Yep, 4 c-sections, with the last one being in 2015…still numb.

Mine was 2014. Still completely numb for me also!

Mine will be a year on the 17th and I keep getting sharp pains on each end of the cut …

Yes, feels like it belongs to someone else. Very strange feeling!

I’ve had two and most recent was 3.5 years ago and I still have no feeling around the scar.

My last one was 17 yrs ago and I’m still numb

Yep! 4 c sections…2007, 2008, 2010 & 2012….still numb.

My kids are 21 and 18. Mine is still numb.

24 years later and if I pinch in that area it’s still numb

True story but after about 14 years feeling has started to come back but that little pouch still there lol.

Yepp! Completely numb!! Can’t feel anything! Even if I pinch it really hard! :rofl:

Yup 2015 still can’t feel my lower tummy

14 years later and yep still numb

My husbands ex wife had her first 21 years ago and says that it is still numb.

Worth it though for all our babies. :ok_hand:

Still numb and my youngest is almost 19

I am glad to hear that this is normal. My c section baby will be 18 in December.

From my belly button to the pubic line, completely numb for 19 years.

I had a c-section in 2007 and still numb

Still numb and quite often sore & itchy xxx

Had mine 7 years ago. It’s still numb.

My son is 10. Scar is still numb. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I don’t think the feeling ever fully comes back :woman_shrugging:t2:

Holy moly…I just checked and the right side of the scar is completely numb.

Yup and some
Of my stomach as well

My youngest is 11. My scar is still numb.

1992 and 2003…still numb…

12 years and mines still numb.

My youngest daughter is 16 and mine is still numb.

Yep, 2010, 2013 & 2019 still numb x

Yes no sensation on site and it’s been 7yrs.

Yep, 30 yrs ago, I had to feel it to make sure! :rofl: still numb. Scar tissue doesn’t have many nerve endings, I guess?

I’ve had four. After my first two ( now 15&14) I couldn’t feel up to my belly button for 8 years after my second. That’s when I had my third and fourth. Fourth is 4 now and I had my incision revised when I had her ( cut out my multiple cuts and made it into one) and I have feeling around it but the scar itself I can’t feel.

Yep, 7 years and I have no feeling in my lower stomach. I was getting some feeling back but 3 years ago I had surgery there again amd now Im completely numb.

It’s from nerve damage, It’s been 9 years for me and yep. Also I had scoliosis surgery and I have no feeling in parts of my legs from nerve damage

Yes mine is n my last C-section was 15 years ago

Been numb for about 16 yrs there.

Yep, still numb 13 yrs later

Yes 2009 and 2011. Still numb 13 years later

It’s normal. Some ppl it’s temporary, some it’s permanent. Nothing to worry about

Yes, and my youngest is almost 15.

Yep… 49 years later still numb

I was with my first. It’s normal.
After my 2nd in 2010, the numbness went away.

Yep and my youngest is almost 14.

I’m nearly 4 years in and still have numbness and also very tender around the numbness still. I’m just guessing this is the norm now!

Yes. I had 5 c sections in 6 years. I can’t feel my stomach from my belly button down. :weary: It’s creepy. You can’t see the scar(s) though. Lots of internal scar tissue for me. My youngest is 5.

I had c-sections in 2005, 2008 and 2012. Still mostly numb and itchy, last couple years I’ve noticed some sensation back.

Yeah, my kid is 19 and my scar area is still numb. It does a lot of trauma to the nerves in the area.

Mine itches. Along with my noroplant scar, and the scar on my back where a rod was put in and on my back where skin cancer was removed. Some back 20+years ago and they itch like crazy.

Yes apparently it’s common as the nerves get damaged cutting those 7 layers

My oldest just turned 20 and my baby is fixing to be 18 and I am still numb. It itches like crazy but always numb.

My oldest is 32 and my youngest is 10 and my scar always been numb since the first c-section

I had two cesareans. Twelve and 10 years ago…still numb and I don’t like anything touching it

Yes. 28 years now. Plus my skin going up Towards my belly is also numb.

My youngest is 8 also and I’ve got zero feeling in my lower belly

My c-section scar is still numb nearly 35 years later

My youngest is 33, I had 3 C-Sections, and still numb!!!

Yup, 4yrs between my two and was numb until I had my second child 3 months ago and now I’m more numb this time round!

My oldest is 21 and my youngest is 17 my scar is still numb

Yes. I’ve had 3 csections. Oldest is 14, youngest is 8.

Yes my last c-section was almost 10 years ago n its numb feeling

My 1st born is 35 on Saturday, c section. Still numb

Yes and my daughter is 14 years old.

26 years later still numb

Yup. 5 years and it’s terrible

From time to time. My son is 25.