Anyones child have a longer arm?

Does anyone else have a infant/toddler who has one arm longer than the other? My sons right arm is noticeably longer than the other. You can tell by the way his sleeves fit. It isn’t just from having his arm up either. We’ve measured his arm and they’re different lol Also does anyone have any infants who tends to curl their body more so to one side instead of straight? He lays straight, he’s not always like this. But I noticed he does it a lot. We’re gonna start going to the chiropractor


My cousin does but his is due to trauma at birth. Sounds like if he was born like that hopefully its not be too big of a concern.
My cousins mother was so small and he was so big. Instead of a emergency C-section or anything else they could have done medically right they decided to pull that poor baby out by his right arm and tore every nerve and ligament in that baby’s arm. He is 12 now and is still in physical therapy for that arm along with multiple surgeries. We call him Nemo. Trust me that hospital was sued to the fullest extent. He will always have problems with that arm but the one good thing that came out of it is he has a nice big check for college waiting for him once he turns 18.


What does the pediatrician say?