Anyones child have their adenoids removed?

Has anyone had their child’s adenoids removed? My son is 4 and they think he might need just his adenoids removed. What were their symptoms? And how was recovery? Thanks!

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Yep both my kids have had them out. With my son he had them removed before 2 due to breathing issues. He would breath through his mouth and sounded congested. Recovery was fine back himself within a day. My daughters was more complicated as it was due to a virus.

My son had his out , tonsils and tubes put in a year ago and it sucked watching him wake up in pain. But after we got it under control he slept most of the day and then ate all his favorite cold stuff!

My son at age 9 had his removed. It went very quick. Next day a tiny bit sore ( pocicals ) but the healing process= very very bad smelly breath) . He’s not coughing at night, no more drainage, he can breath. It’s great and worth it

Not my children, but me. I had mine removed when I was a child. I remember the really sore throat and everything I drank or ate hurt horribly. Tylenol or advil, and really soft food and cold things helped. Popsicles, jello, yogurt, pudding (really cold) all helped. When I sneezed, I would cry in pain. But after 3-4 days I was better.

We just scheduled my so sons surgery for adenoids and tonsils for April. I’m super nervous !

My daughter had hers out in November and was home that day doing all the normal stuff she did before… you wouldn’t of even known she had surgery

We just did our sons in November and the surgery was quick but the aftermath was upsetting. Our son came out of surgery crying in pain and he struggled to drink and eat soft foods. They suggested we have our other kids done as well. And after seeing how it went we opted to just leave it. It was definitely not something I expected. And we followed the follow up care as we were suppose too.

Yes. Had tubes put in her ears at the same time… by that night you’d never know she had surgery.

My son did when he was 3! Constantly sick! Had just adenoids removed. He did really well one anesthesia wore off! No issues!