Anyones kid had a hernia repair?

Has anyone else had a kiddo that had a hernia repair? My 6yo has an epigastric/ventral hernia and an umbilical hernia and found out today that he has to have surgery. I’m super nervous! Dr said surgery should take around an hour and a half, with no strenuous activity for 2 weeks (which idk how we’re gonna do that).


I had a double hernia around 4 or 5 years old. It was a lil painful afterwards but the surgery went really smoothly. The only part i remember much of is my mom making me walk a lil each day since it was painful but i couldn’t heal without some activity

Well for starters make sure the doctor tells your son about the surgery,make a before surgery bag with your son things he will need toys drinks chapstick etc and get him involved

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Prayers for your Kiddo. Amene

I did - as a 7 year-old … He will be fine. Plan low key fun activities for him: color with him - do puzzles - watch whole some videos with him.