Anyones kids like to play in the dirt?

Do any of y’all kids like to play in dirt?? It’s normal right cause my 5 year old likes doing that when she’s not on her scooter or bike


What are you asking…??? If it’s normal that kids play in dirt? Or if it’s okay if they play on the dirt???

It’s totally normal and fine lol. It’s so much better than being on tablet and they get “earth germs” and boost their immune system.


Yes they are kids. Mine love the dirt water puddles mud and rocks


Mine love to play in the dirt, mud and sand. They’re washable. Let that kid play ! It’s completely healthy too it helps boost the immune system

My kids even now(the 2 that are home are 16& almost 18)still like to mess around in the dirt.Its good for their immune system.

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That’s literally all my 5 yr old does even when we go to the park she plays for a couple minutes and next thing I know she’s under the playground with rocks and sticks playing in dirt

Obviously your not from the country , kids always play in dirt , make mud pies and so on, farm kids are always doing. Something on dirt. What are you some kind of princess that can’t get dirty, it’s very normal , and fun by the eay

yes my girls played in the dirt when little if did not play outside in the dirt not normal normal its kids being kids. even me and my brother played in dirt when little.

Yes!!! It’s great for them!!

My youngest daughter she a mud girl lol I was same way all I can say body and clothes can wash memories last

It is very normal and good for them :blush:

Yep all 3 of mine do 7 4 and 2

Yes it’s normal I grew up running bear foot and playing in the dirt my boys all have loved playing with dirt we are all good health wise.

My son lives to play in the dirt or sand even rocks, I mean he absolutely loves it first thing he does outside even inside he plays in the soil of my plants :sob:

It’s healthy to play in dirt. Back in the day before computer games and cell phones kids played outside more. They’re washable

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Ma’am, help her explore her world. She’s 5. This world is still new. Encourage her to explore it. :tipping_hand_woman:
Get in the dirt with her. Make some memories. Laugh. Then use soap and water in the tub, Dawn on the clothes.

This can’t be a serious question

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Better to play in dirt - than to see the dirt on the internet. Being outside is one of the greatest joys in life that is free.

Kids being kids let them!!

Nope that needs to be checked out immediately sounds like every 5 year old out there got to be something wrong with all of them :sob: