Anyones kids sick once a month?

Any moms ever had their kid get sick like every month once they started pre k? Seems like since my 4 year old has started she’s gotten strep and coldd/flu every month. My oldest never went through this.


Yep my youngest girls are 6/7 and we have all been sick since they started school. My oldest is 20 and was never sick like this.

Last year (kindergarten) my son missed soooo much school from being sick almost weekly. This year, first grade? Hasn’t been sick once. knock on wood

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Yeah my son is in 4th grade and has been sick at least once a month since he was in kindergarten. Actually if it’s only once a month that’s a good month.

Just once a month? It’s continually here

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My kids! Constantly! I have them take a multivitamin and when I think they’re getting sick I pump them full of emergen-C

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Common when first starting bc of being surrounded by all new germs and kids… Lasted my son about 4-5 months… So your lo should be better soon

A cold, one day of vomiting and a fever, croup cough, and she’s going back to school after 5 days off tomorrow cause she had a really bad flu, she needed an IV to help with hydration. All since August

Normal…they’re around other kids more so now and the germs are crazy. They’ll come home sick regularly especially at the beginning of the school year

Yep last year every 2 weeks my daughter was sick until I got her the neumococo vaccine.

My daughter is 1 now but before she was 1 she was constantly sick she had multiple double ear infections, RSV, bronchitis where she lost her voice I guess you could say she obviously couldn’t talk but we had to stay up all hours of the day and night watching her because she would cry but no noise would come out, she had the flu for 5 days straight kept nothing down until we finally took her to the ER for meds to stop her from throwing up. She was always sick like constantly.

Was your child in early preschool/daycare previously? If not, just building immunities with new germs. My kids were in day care from 6 weeks, so got a lot of that out of the way before they started school. Kids with strep shouldn’t be in school, but might have been contagious before the parents realized their kid was sick. It’ll get better after a year.

Yep , my kids are always seeming to pass things around. Covid really took a hit on everyone’s immune system with the masking up and sanitizing everything. Completely hurt my kids immune systems so now they are building them again .

I swear my kids didn’t get sick all summer and ever since school started back up I’ve taken them to the Dr almost every month