Anyones kids walk on their toes?

Anyone have kiddos out there that are or were toe walkers? My girl is going to be 7 and still doing it …. What did you do for your child? Is there physical therapy? Braces? Etc?


My daughter had surgery when she was 5 to lengthen both of her Achilles. Definitely worth it. She hasn’t walked on her toes since. She’s now 11

I’m 30 and have been a toe walker all my life, my daughter is 4 same thing with her, took her to the doctor they did a little PT with her but determined that she was fine. I have zero concerns about her since I’ve been fine my whole life

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My brother used to but then he grew out of it before the age of 10. Mom did keep an eye on it, though, and had him seen/evaluated every so often until he grew out of it.

Series casts from an orthopedic specialist. My son tipped toed 2-8years old. Couldn’t even put his heels on the ground. Series of casts helped and corrected him in 6weeks. He is now flat on his feet. Achilles had to be stretched over a period of time. 

I have actually heard a teacher talk about this and how is could be a delay. I would talk to pediatrician and most likely physical or occupational therapy can fix it.


I have seen in the past that in can be linked to signs of autism…but not always of course


Sign of autism or even cerebral palsy has her dr mentioned anything regarding it?

Our son had to have corrective surgery due to him being a “toe walker” please have her seen by an orthopedic specialist and have an evaluation done


Our middle daughter did! She’s almost 5, it shortened her tendon. We got her in and they did x-rays and at pt she did casting to stretch it back out, for a couple months and now is in a 2 piece brace. Its really helped with her balance and walking in general.

My daughter does. Shes 10 We’re suppose to just do exercises but our doctor doesn’t seem overly concerned

My grandson is 3 and he is a toe walker. He has been in therapy for awhile and also was cast. He is now in splints at night.

I don’t get why you’re worried. More than likely she’ll be wearing heels when she gets older. Plus, it’s strengthening her calves.


I have no idea. My almost 12 yr old son still walks on his toes naturally and I have to correct him constantly. I have another son who is super pigeon toed and is having hip issues at 6, going on 7 yrs old. Definitely take them to a pediatric orthopedist. A top rated one not just a local random. You want a doctor that isn’t going to just say oh they need surgery. There are always other options first.

My nephew did this. Had to go to PT to stretch the calf muscles to allow him to step flat footed.

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It’s called Toe Walking. It’s not a bad thing necessarily my husband does it. Look it up to ease your mind

This can be a sign of autism, tippy toe walking

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Heard of Tethered Cord? Can cause many problems please find a very knowledgeable/educated doctor that specializes with this!
Ask me in a pm if you want more information

My Grandaughter is 6 - has always walked on the balls of her feet - has great calves and is an incredible dancer - wins awards across LI in dance

I did it when I was very young no short cord no autism no learning issues no developmental issues until about 6/7 or so…I do not do it anymore…but have her checked out!!

I still do it as a 35-year-old


Yes. Don’t do a thing till a scan to make sure it’s not a short tendon etc though.

I walked on curled toes and I grew out of it

Yes, they still do it. My niece who is 1 does it.

Mine will be 14 next month and still does

This can be a sign of a tethered cord.

My friends daughter had this. They said it was because her Achilles tendons were too tight. And she had to get them surgically cut and fixed….but that was her case

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It can be a sign of autism, it was a question I was asked many times on our journey to an ASD, ADHD diagnosis

Its most likely a sensory seeking behavior. If it isn’t impacting her physically I’d just let her be. Both of my kids do it sometimes

We have custody of our nephew for 6 years now. He had done it since he was a toddler. When we got him he had to have PT therapy. He was in 5th grade by that time. What happens is uncorrected it shortens the calf muscles to where it’s physically impossible for them to put their feet flat. And it actually causes them pain to do so. If PT doesn’t correct the issue, surgery is needed. Talk to your child’s Dr about the concern and how to proceed. Depending on your insurance, referrals are needed to see specialists.

My son was a tip toe walker. The school was worried about it and would bring it up but his pediatrician wasn’t concerned so they let it go until the next year… after hearing horror stories about dcfs being called on parents we decided it was best to pursue him getting seen. At 11 ish my son physically couldn’t walk flat footed or put his foot flat so we took him to shriners to get evaluated. The drs were amazing. They tried casting him to stretch the muscles and that didn’t work. Ultimately he eventually had to have surgery and he can walk flat footed now. The dr. Said it can be a sign of autism but not always. Some kids grow out of it, others don’t. It can cause issues for kids as they grow older but some are fine.

My son is in physical therapy for it. He’s almost 6 and his is a sensory issue that causes it. They have him walk in flippers, and wear ankle weights when he’s there. Hightops and compression socks help for outside of therapy.

My grandson is autistic and it’s a sensory issue…have her tested to give you piece of mind

My 5 year old does from time to time and he has autism. Apparently it can be a sign of autism. I am still learning about it so don’t hold me to it.


My cousin who is an adult has done for years. And my other half nephew does it and he’s high school done for years think still does .

My 10 year old grandson does. But so did his mom. She stopped it one day and maybe he will too. There was no harm done.

Usually contracted tendons my son did this until about 10, 11 years old he did grow out of it but watch it the bullying from others was hard for him to deal with.

Some grow out of it. It does not necessarily mean anything!!! Ask her doctor don’t get lost and overwhelmed with these comments :two_hearts:

Put him in track!! There’s nothing to correct, it’s normal for alot of people, just because you don’t do it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, everyone is different

Physical therapy will help!

I’ve been told it’s a characteristic of autism :woman_shrugging:

In some autistic children it’s neurotypical

Could be a sign of being autistic