Anyones toddler refuses to try condiments?

Anyone else’s toddler just refuse to try any condiments?! My daughter is 2.5 and still has not even tasted any type of condiments lol. No ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, I try but as soon as she even sees it on the food it’s an immediate “No mommy!”


It’s probably better than refusing to eat it unless it has a bunch of stuff all over it. Let her eat her food plain. I think as she gets older, natural curiosity will prompt her to try a condiment or two; especially if she sees others eating and enjoying them. I didn’t put condiments on my kids’ food when they were starting out on solid food, because I wanted them to taste the food instead of the condiment; but later on condiments were offered. Tastes change over time as well. With toddlers, you gotta pick your battles at times! Good luck!

My youngest used to drink condiments from the bottle. I had to eventually gate the kitchen when I seen her chugging maple syrup and ranch🤦‍♀️


Sounds like she likes the taste of food! That sounds great! Some kids won’t eat unless their food is covered in condiments. Definitely take it as a win!


My 6 year old daughter refuses all condiments… mustard, ketchup barbecue sauce, relish, soya sauce, salad dressing, etc

It’s not a bad thing necessarily. Some countries don’t even utilize condiments. Your child will grow up appreciating the taste of the food instead of everything having to be altered.


My son is 14 and eats everything dry. No ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard, mayo, nothing at all.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Condiments aren’t really known for their nutritional value.

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My daughter is 13. She has just started eating BBQ sauce on wings. She hates ketchup, mayo , mustard, relish. She will eat ranch if its available…but she loves ceasar dressing with everything :rofl::woman_facepalming:

My 3 year old likes ketchup and ranch he will have a fit if we don’t put it on his plate if needed lol

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My daughter is 10 and doesn’t like condiments. It’s not a bad thing.

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The good thing is that she’s not really missing out on nutrition.
Give her time. One day she will see everyone eating something and decide on her own to try.

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Very normal. My son still doesn’t like food with condiments on it. It took me an extremely long time also to try it. Just do a very thin layer on it to where you can barely see it on the food.

My son is 8. Took forever to get him to taste (same with like every food lol) but he doesn’t like any condiments at all besides Mayo or maybe mustard on sanwhiches.

My 21 year old son, has never tried any condiments and still refuses to, while his oldest brother, when he was a toddler would drink ketchup like he was doing shots, lol

Daughter is 7… will not use condiments except sweet and sour sauce.

You finds everything is too messy!

My son is 19 and still won’t eat any kind of sauce. He eats everything plain.

The only condiment my 11 will eat is ranch. Doesn’t even like mayo on a sandwich. He’s a very picky eater tho.

The opposite… mine would only drown every food in condiments. Vegetables with A1 steak sauce… ranch on everything.

My daughter never liked them, she’s 33 and still isn’t a fan.

My 15 year old has always been this way, refuses to eat anything w condiments on it

I don’t like them either I like tasting my food

My grandson is 8 he still want use any

My oldest is 11 and the only one he will use is ranch.

Toddlers like plain and condiments are so full of sugar.

My son is 16 and he only tolerates ranch.

Don’t blame horrible stuff :nauseated_face:

Really not healthy stuff anyway so why push it? They are so high in preservatives and sodium. Hard on the body. If they don’t want them just let it go

Hey … I’d take it as a win. My kid is so obsessed with ketchup (and many other condiments) that she eats it more than the food that I put with it… and if we don’t have the sugar free kind on hand well she’s bouncing off the walls by the time she’s done eating :upside_down_face: I low key wish my kid didn’t like condiments (or “sauce” as she calls them) as much as she does :rofl::rofl: they’re only full of additives and sugar anyways… lol.

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Most little kids have their quirks and prefer “plain” food that doesn’t touch, but grow out of that phase.

Food shouldn’t need condiments

Just let them like or dislike anything they want other than their gender…
Kids…i didn’t eat salad dressing until i was 30, didn’t make my childhood any less happy…jeez chill out…