Anyones transverse baby stay that way?

Anyones baby been transverse and stayed that way? I’m 34 weeks and he’s transverse and DR said if he’s still that way by 35 weeks we will talk about trying to move him head down. This is my 4th pregnancy and never had to deal with this. Anyone with experience please let me know how it was trying to get them to move head down or if the DR couldn’t get the baby to move was it an automatic c-section( all babies I’ve had have been vaginal)…

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I had a transverse baby. They did a procedure (basically pushed on the baby) to get him head down. He stayed head down for about 2 minutes. Then they tried again when I was in labor. This was torture! I wound up with a c section. Don’t let them push on you during labor. The pain was worse than hard labor! And they wind up cutting you anyway!

Mine was breech and I went into labor they offered to move her but said it’s pretty painful. C-section was the best option for me, my new one is also breech.

My oldest was breech position my entire pregnancy. They tried moving him but it didn’t work. I ended up a planned c-section and liked it so much I decided to do it again with my second.

My baby was and then turned at 36week ultrasound.