Are braxton hicks normal?

I was just needing to know if it was normal to have braxton hicks everyday and pressure down below at 22 weeks pregnant please i just feel tight all the time and backache seems to be getting worse


I would call your doctor ASAP


I would go to the dr…even if it’s just for peace if mind…please go


I had some mild pressure and BH from about 17 weeks til 25weeks. Call your doctor and get checked out to be sure but don’t panic like I did. If the BH are tight but not painful and not regular it’s probably not a huge deal BUT I went to the doc when it happened to me and you should too.

I started having Braxton Hicks VERY early on with my most recent pregnancy. Had him 2 days early but otherwise normal healthy pregnancy… Braxton Hicks are beyond annoying when u have multiple Times a day and for so long :unamused::unamused::unamused:

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Braxtons aren’t supposed to be felt in the back.

Always be safe, call your doctor

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I was like that with my 3rd… For months and months… It sucked but was nothing bad.

That’s how my last pregnancy was. Very uncomfortable and in pain of some sort the entire time

Yes but always call you doctor
Could be a bladder infection , kidney stones, Dehydration

Yes particularly if this is your first. Try yoga just to stretch, your body is adjusting to growing babe . Try taking walks now that weather is getting better

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Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water! Dehydration will cause Braxton Hicks, it did frequently in my pregnancy. But definitely have your OB check and make sure everything is okay :slightly_smiling_face:

Better safe than sorry. Go get checked out at your OB. They should have an on call person at the local labor and delivery.

Go get checked. I thought I was having Braxton Hicks with my first at 27 weeks, but I was already dilating. If you’re having consistent contractions with pressure I’d definitely go to L&D to be monitored.

My Braxton hicks started at 14 weeks. I’m currently 30 weeks and I get them every hour at least

Those are signs of preterm labor and I would urge you to go to labor and delivery and get checked out

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Those are 100% signs of preterm labor! Please get checked out!!!

That’s how my last pregnancy was and I I didn’t even start dilating until like 36weeks or so. I would still call the dr. Or be seen just for peice of mind

Please keep us updated.
Hope everything is ok

Had Braxton hicks with both kids from 16 weeks till they cam out and with my second I guess from like 30 weeks I was just always having contractions