Are carpet cleaners worth it?

I am needing to clean my carpets but do not havr the funds to afford someone to come and do it…i was thinking of buying a carpet cleaner but dont know if the cheaper ones are worth it…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are carpet cleaners worth it?

I’m pretty sure you can rent one in Lowes or Home Depot

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You can rent one. However most places run specials. I have always gotten 4 rooms done for around $100. Buying ones is a few hundred dollars.

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Rent a rug doctor. It was a life saver before we ripped out our carpet and put down wood floors.

Definitely worth just owning your own. More often than not, online stores offer Afterpay for them. We do ours 4-5 times per year.

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Look at your local stores and see if they have some you can rent. We have a homelands grocery store you can rent one for. I bought a rug doctor for 600$ it works good i would only buy one if you have high traffic on your carpets like i do. I got tired of renting one so just bought one.

Rug Dr rentals can be really nasty if not cleaned properly. I found one at Walmart for $89 I’m very happy with it.

You can rent one at H‑E‑B it’s cheaper route . And it is so worth it especially with kids and animals

i love mine and i think they are best

Definitely I bought my carpet cleaner for about a hundred bucks I use it every 3 months

Rent one from home depot

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Rent one from Walmart or Kroger

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I actually have 2, 1 for upstairs and 1 for down. I can’t imagine not having them☺️

I have a cheap one, and yes it’s worth it. It don’t work as well as an expensive one. But man it sure gets a lot of dirt up. I just go over it twice.

Yes… Absolutely ! :blush::purple_heart:

If you’re near an Ollie’s, they have refurbished Bissell ones regularly, and if you have the rewards card they send %off coupons.

I have had my own for years. When the floors started looking dingy I would clean them. I only moved the heavy furniture once or twice a year to clean under them. Now I just live in a small apartment so got a smaller one. But occasionally my dog will get diarrhea. I don’t know what I would do without it.

I would just rent one. It’s easier than trying to store it.

Definitely! Especially if you’ll have carpet for a while.

I would buy one before I would rent one. You never know what kinds of messes the ones you rent have been cleaning up and I’m sure they aren’t cleaned after someone brings one back. :grimacing:

yes… get one & use it a few times a yr… you will see how icky the water is

Definitely worth it. I got one specifically to clean my bed but I ended up using it all over my house. I paid 100 for it. I don’t know what you call cheap but for a stream cleaner, I call that a bargain

Absolutely worth it a million times over

You can buy one on Amazon for like $80.
You can use Klarna and split your payments into 4 payments of $20.


I have a Bissell it is big but it cleans my carpets like they brand new I love it. Just storing it sucks cost I think 250$

I’m having the same issue in my house. I hate wall to wall carpet. So we are ripping them up and redoing the floors.

I have had a cheap on for years I will tell you for 88 dollars it was the best thing I ever spent money on

If you can’t afford one, just use a cotton mop and a little soap and water and mop the carpet. If you have stains, use a stain removal and soft bristle brush or washcloth and then mop over it. A carpet cleaner will eventually loosen the glue that helps hold the carpet down and cause your carpet to ripple.

Bissell. :100: worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The rentals at home Depot are about 60 a day and better than the cheaper ones you can buy.

I own a rug doctor. I bought it new. It is like the ones you rent but blue. It is amazing how much better they clean when they have not been abused

It’s cheaper to buy if you’re going to use them more than once. Plus they don’t get cleaned very often…
Amazon has a few that are cheaper

It’s definitely worth it. You can always just go over it a few times. 

Check the 2nd hand stores for one.

You can rent them at Walmart also

Rent a rug doctor from iga or lowes i think has them too

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Our just died
Had it for a few years
But yes definitely buy a shampooer they are worth it

Depends. My kids are constantly spilling stuff on the carpet, so I think it’s worth to have one to clean up spills but for all over clean it’s better to have it professionally done

You get a much better clean from a rented rug doctor. I’ve done both

Absolutely worth it. I do our carpets atleast twice a month. Having three young kids and light colored carpet just don’t mix lol any time the kids spill something it’s no big deal now. We got ours at Walmart for less than $100 and couldn’t be happier with it.

You can also maybe go to your local grocery store or Walmart and rent one for a day also. That’s what we did every few months!

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Yes, I do my couch and chairs and bed.
So much yucky

Our local grocery store or even maybe Lowe’s you can actually rent one if you don’t want to buy one

We we thru a good but years ago until we finally bought a rug dr . Hands down best one !! Still works wonderfully!

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I have a Bissell Pro Heat and love it

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I paid $100 for mine and it’s been a champ. Drys great I do have cheap carpet…I respect it…it’s lasted over 2 yrs. From Walmart!

Rug Doctors that you can rent work very well

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Rent it. Not worth buying. I have one. I use it once a year at most

Depends how much are you gonna actually use it? Me having one I use every 6-8 weeks. Before when I didn’t I’d never do mine but after having a child that changed. If you say 1-2 times a yr rent one, if you say more often buy one.

Hoover Steam Vac. Had a couple over the years and they work well.

Rent a rug doctor so worth it not bad price and work amazing

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Rent a Dirt Devil. They work wonders!

if you have kids & pets well worth it. paid about $100 for mine. can use whenever I need/want

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We have kids and dogs. I use my carpet shampooer and my spot bot regularly.

I had a landlord once that wanted receipt of pro cleaning. No matter what we did on our own, they hired someone anyway, and took it out of DD. Check your lease if it’s a property mgmt Company

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The rug doctors are the best imo. I have hoover I got on clearance about 2 yrs ago that I do my rugs with. It works well on rugs, but I don’t think it would for carpet cleaning. That’s why I have none, just rugs

Go to Walmart and rent one