Are early gender reveals always right?

I took my test at 5 weeks 5 days. It says boy, I’m a little gender disappointed as I have multiple boys and this is likely my last baby. What are the chances of this being wrong?I didn’t have anyone come with me and they did clean my arm well with glove with was done in a clinic.


Too early nipt tests are between 10 and 12 weeks the earliest and are 99% correct with gender .

I took mine at 7 weeks and it said a girl.
Found out with my ultrasounds it’s a boy

I had mine and it said boy. I cried because it was my 3rd boy and I was really hoping for a little girl. He is 4 now and he is my sweetest little guy :heart:

I got mine done at my oh and I was around 17 weeks said boy got an ultrasound around 25 to confirm it’s in fact a little boy

My youngest was an early blood test and came back girl, also had hands “hiding” so couldn’t tell I was 7 months when I found out my baby was a boy , but my oldest said girl and was a girl so it was 50/50 for me

All 4 of mine was right at 12 weeks I have 3 older girls and now my son then I got my tubes removed lol I was complete

I did mine at home and it was correct

I had 3 boys, now 3 grandsons only girl is my dog. Enjoy! What ever comes be happy.⚘️

Gender disappointment is a real deal. BUT. It is what it is, process, and move onwards. You will of course love this baby no matter what♥️


Waaay too early. I’d test again at 12wks!


My sisters said boy recently. Very early on too. And now it’s a girl. We are all shocked :woman_facepalming:t2:

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My daughter was the first female born in 82 yrs on my (then ) husband’s side. His grandfather had a sister born Jan 1902. Our daughter was born February 28, 1984.:two_hearts:


I swore mine was wrong at 7 weeks but nope. It was a boy. Lol. I’ve definitely read stories about them being wrong, though.
I’ll never buy one again. I’ll wait until the gender scan, or put my money toward an early 3/4D ultrasound!

It’s never 100% accurate….

I done mine at home, not in the clinic but mine was wrong. It said boy but it was a girl. To my understanding they are easily contaminated even though I was very thorough.

My 2nd I did the blood poke thing at home and it was correct. Also had an early scan which also was boy. So mine was right.

My first I waited til my 20 week which was boy also.

It’s 99.9% my test said girl I ended up with a girl and I’m done since it was my 3rd girl. In the long run even though I would have liked a Boy, I’m so thankful for my girls.


I had 3 boys , my first one only
Lived 13 days . I really wanted a girl when I had my last son . Only
Had girl names picked out . There was no gender parties 52 years ago . But I have 8 granddaughters and only one grandson .


Mine was accurate I had it done at like 8-9 weeks. Not supposed to do it before because gender isn’t usually decided til 8 weeks.


Do it again at 15 weeks to 22 weeks !
I did the gender tests you can do at home and said boy but have 3 girls haha

I have two girls and I’m 18 weeks and it said boy

You can’t tell till 10 weeks

no, the test is almost never around for a girl, but it is quite possible to be wrong for a boy.

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There’s women who can’t get pregnant, think about that for a second yeah??? B GRATEFUL U CAN GET pregnant at all & carry a baby to term yeah??? :face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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They’re highly accurate. Sorry.

They were wrong about the one I’m pregnant with now. I have 4 living boys and one Angel boy. We did the early gender test and it also said boy for this one. Come to find out according to literally every sonogram we’ve had (so far had 6 because they’re worried about a bunch of stuff so had more sonograms than normal) and all the sonograms the tech said “nope that’s definitely a little girl”

I stopped at 3 girls because honestly I don’t think I’ll get lucky enough to have a 4th daughter.


I think you’re meant to do it like 10 weeks minimum

If you were supposed to know, you’d have a window in your belly…

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I was told by 3 different doctors my 3rd was a boy…nope, surprise it was a Girl!

Does it make a difference as long as the baby is healthy. GENDER disappointed. Be thankful for a healthy baby. SMH


I’d take a boy over a girl anyway. Girls scare me.:smile:

Mine said boy and I was convinced it was wrong, it wasn’t haha now I’m happily a boy mom :smiling_face:


At 5 weeks… isnt it usually done at 10weeks? …

Huh??? How can they check

I believe it’s over 6 weeks for more accuracy on blood tests. I’m surprised they done it in a clinic -even just a few days shy of 6 weeks. I believe my blood test was done like 6+3 in clinic and it was correct.

But boy results are more likely to be contaminated vs a girl result. With a house full of boys, plus not quite 6 weeks there’s room for error, even in clinic setting.

Sadly part of me feels like this was accurate. Maybe try ramzi theory as well. Or another blood test.

Sneak peak/early gender blood test are notoriously inaccurate. The 10week NIPT/Harmony test is much more accurate.

I know someone who found out at the ultrasound it was a girl. She had all this pink stuff and her daughters name on everything just to have a boy. With that said, don’t trust anything until you have the baby.


Mine was done at 12 weeks, blood tests both times. Confirmed at the anatomy scan. Both boys. And I think it’s okay to be a little disappointed! I have 5 sisters and they each have two girls so I was definitely like “yeah I’m gonna have a girl!” (Ive also always wanted a girl, I love being a girl aunt!) but then they said boy and I was bummed. I don’t hate my baby. I love my 6 year old boy with every fiber. But i also told myself it was okay to be a little sad I wasn’t having a girl.


Damn I’ve never even known I was pregnant that early :rofl:

I think it’s kinda crazy how many really care about the gender… I am glad I’m older and never even had one. Back then my Dr said only high risk would be the only way he would do ultra sound. ''He did however say based on the heartbeat every single time I went" said a girl… But nope I had a boy


Anything is possible! My best friend was told her entire pregnancy it was a girl and then she delivered a boy :exploding_head:


My first boy I had two anatomy scans (initial normal one at 20 weeks and another at 35 so I could have it confirmed as I had moved states). And they were both accurate.
My second I had the blood test done at 10weeks, his anatomy scan at 20 weeks and both were accurate.

If it’s a blood test then it’s most likely correct

Nope. With my first they told me (a tech did) early “seems you’ll have a boy” at an early scan, but then when I went waaaay later on to my 20w anatomy one, the new tech, said she twice and I asked for her to check again, and they told me it was a girl, not a boy. I had already bought SO MUCH for my boy, and I was having a girl. :weary::weary::weary::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2: thankfully a friend was pregnant around the same time and she was having a boy. Had to give her everything :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Since it picked up a Y chromosome, it’s very likely a boy/ if it was contaminated with your cells it would only have two XXs - if it was contaminated with the person drawing your blood’s cells (nearly impossible to happen accidentally) it would have to be a male collecting your sample (XY) to contaminate it. The test is supposed to be about 99.9% accurate. It’s ok to be disappointed. I know when you meet your baby, you’ll realize he absolutely was meant for you :heart:.


I’d say it’s probably accurate if done in a clinic. But that said, they aren’t supposed to do it before 9 weeks.

Take a blood test. They are always right.

I don’t think they are accurate seeing as how little the baby currently is.


If it was done in a clinic, it’s probably accurate


The thing about taking these blood tests so early on is that the baby’s blood is barely in your system. It’s not as accurate until around 10 weeks as others have stated, because their blood by that point has mixed with yours. That being said, I can’t imagine any other explanation for the detection of Y chromosome in your blood, so it’s likely correct.


When I had my daughter, the blood test said she was a boy. At the 20 week scan she wouldn’t cooperate to get a decent look so it was assumed it was a boy. We prepared for a boy. The delivery room got silent and I thought something was wrong with my baby. Turned out she was a girl. Further testing revealed she had a twin brother that passed early on and the blood test showed him.


Does anyone ever wait until the birth to find out the gender of their baby? Even though we have the technology to determine the sex , why does everyone want to? I didn’t want to know through two pregnancies and loved being surprised to be told ‘it’s a girl!!’ And then three years later ‘it’s a boy!!’ Most of the fun is trying to guess and have other people give you their opinions.

I don’t get the obsession.
All I wanted were healthy babies.

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If it had said girl you might have had a chance of it being wrong. As they found y chromosomes it is infintismally unlikely (nothings impossible buuuuuut it’s very very unlikely)

The baby does not have a gender yet.


The most important thing,is that the baby is healthy


I have 3 daughters and l never had any kind of gender test. My girls are grown and l never had a sonogram. Did not know until the Doctor delivered them. All l wanted was a healthy baby.


My sisters was wrong! It said boy and it was a girl at her ultrasound!

I no some one many moons ago when tests first came out to show the sex was told it’s a boy so she went out shop lifting a and got loads of boys clothes to find out when baby was born it’s a girl😂karma at it’s best…

I was 10 weeks when the dr did mine. I think they test for male/female chromosomes or dna or whatever lll. So when they told me it was a girl, I was kinda waiting for the anatomy scan to make sure because I think it’s more likely to mistake a girl than a boy. If they detect male dna in your blood it’s prob def a boy. But accidents do happen with anything to do with medicine. I think it’s normal and ok to be disappointed and there are therapists who specialize in this and with pregnant women in general.

A girl is pretty accurate but you have to be extremely careful cause ANY male DNA around itll say its a boy

Well you have a 50% chance of it being wrong

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at 5 weeks baby isn a baby its a clump of cells. try again at earliest 12weeks. and even then its not for sure. my anatomy scans were always 18-20 weeks. wait till then


What test was done that soon? Majority don’t even give ultrasounds that soon.

Please wait to take it! I took mine at 8 weeks! It said girl! I was so excited as I have four boys. Took my nipt and it said boy and I’ve been absolutely crushed. I don’t want anyone to have to go through the same thing. The farther into pregnancy you wait the better off you are.

The blood test is 100% accurate. I have 4 boys and a girl you could always keep trying

I had Chorionic Villus Sampling done with both my pregnancy at 10 weeks and it was very accurate

You can’t change anything , so why worry :blush:

Blood tests are more accurate starting at 6 weeks, I’d do another one once you’re 6 weeks or wait until 8 weeks

My niece was told she was having a boy. She had a feeling the test was wrong and they went ahead and had another test at their own expense. Sure enough, they were told indeed a beautiful baby girl was on her way

Healthy baby is all that is important.

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That’s way too early to test…usually you should wait until 8 weeks

I did the NIPT test at 12 weeks. I have 2 boys already and this will be my 3rd boy I was definitely disappointed but I am so happy to have a healthy growing baby. I was meant to be a boy mom.

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That is pretty early - it could always be wrong. Fetal fraction is usually at the amount it’s supposed to be at 10+ weeks - which is why doctors don’t do the NIPT (or the other genetic screenings) before the 10 week mark. There is always the chance that it is accurate also.

I use the Chinese birth calendar and it’s been accurate for everyone I used it for including myself and I have three kids

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too early sis , try after past the 12 week mark close to 15 to be sure

It could be wrong ! Happened to my friend
She did the early testing and it said girl… had a baby shower and everything plus a gender reveal just for it to be wrong and she wad having a boy

I did sneak a peek at 6 weeks and it said girl and it was accurate. It sounds like that’s the test you did cause I was alone as well and they had to disinfect the room to not have any male dna in there. So it might be accurate since it’s a blood test.

I think most ultra sounds for gender are at 20 weeksish. Less than 6 weeks ??? Can you even tell if it’s human yet???
What does your arm have to dowith it

Nowhere did you say you want a healthy baby. Isn’t that the most important thing?

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Absolutely blood test are the most accurate testing. That being said. It’s okay yo be disappointed. Your feelings are valid. But also you wasted money doing it to early lol :laughing:

Mine said girl well she’s a girl

That’s too early I think, my dr said I had to be at least 8 weeks

I didn’t think nipt could be done until 10 weeks. I’ve had it my last 2 pregnancies and they were both right.

Very slim chance it’s wrong. My test told me i was having a girl but I swore with every fiber of my being it was a boy. No, just an overly rambunctious girl. Lol

During an ultrasound I was told my son was a girl. That was 31 years ago.

My friend did one; it told her she would be having her 3rd boy (early test), she has just found out she is in fact having a girl!

My sister had 2 boys. Third child sonogram said boy up until birth. She’s a girl :laughing:

5 weeks is too early to be sure

I took an early one at 8 weeks. 5 weeks could possibly be very inaccurate…. I would wait until 12

I did my gender test at 11-12 weeks and it came back a boy. I was a little gender disappointed too, it happens, it’s normal, and it’s okay. But I had my 20 week ultrasound (I had it at 21 weeks tho) 2 weeks ago and he showed loud and proud that the gender test was right lol.

My cousin did the same and the test said girl…… ultrasound months later confirmed it’s in fact a boy.

Wait this is seriously a thing now? My lord. Yall putting way to much energy into the sex these babies. I remember with all 4 of mine how exciting it was to wait till 16-20 weeks for.the scan and find out then. I would hate to know so early. It’s like you don’t even get to hope and dream about each gender before finding out and I can imagine that would lead to higher disappointment also for a longer period. Because we all know it goes away as soon as the baby is born. Things are weird AF now in the pregnancy world.

Does your baby have a heart, liver, kidneys, brain, fingers and toes… dont feel disappointed with gender be grateful for the life you are being blessed with.

Be greatful your babies healthy mum of a brain damage celebal posy child doesn’t matter what sex baby is aslong as its healthy mum of 6 5 boys 1girl


Mine were always correct

At 5 weeks and 5 days?
It’s probably not very correct.

I did mine at 10 weeks when I was pregnant with my son. I had a gender reveal party and it said boy. I was disappointed too cause I have a girl already but I wanted another girl. But at 18 weeks it was very clear he was a boy thou lol. He was never shy. But I really didn’t want a boy. But after he was born I took everything I said back lol. I loved him the min I held him. I’m so happy for my boy. Looking back I wouldn’t trade him for no girl. Boys are more of a challenge and more of a handful but he’s my world thou. I’m happy to be a girl and a boy mom :blush: