Are faint line pregnancy tests still positive?

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What are you mama’s experiences with a faint line on pregnancy test. Where you pregnant and it was just early for test… How did it turn out for you? I’d love another baby. :heart:


i took a test and it had the faintest line you can barely make it out, but it was there…im now 8 months pregnant :hugs::blush::blush: my rainbow baby after miscarrying last june <3

I took a test it was a faint positive. I ignored it & ended up finding out I was pregnant months later bc I didn’t believe the test. :rofl:

Mine was faint and was solid two days later.
Keep in mind after 6 min or so the test can read a faint false positive

I’ve never had a false positive. Take another in the morning. Do it in a cup of you can.

I got a faint line with my son. My boyfriend made me wait a couple days and take another one before we started getting excited lol

I had this happen with my first baby and I was 6 weeks with the one I have now it wasn’t faint and I was 6 weeks

The directions for the test say even if the line it faint it is a positive. You could just have lower hcg right now wait a couple days and test again if you are still skeptical.

Mine was near invisibly faint. She will be 9 on the 13th

It just depends on ur body

Mine was a very faint pink and I took another and a digital and all said pregnant

My 2nd was very questionable… I had the test done at a clinic so it was positive. They sent me for a blood test the next week he is now 7 years old

Pregnant just probably real early

Even a faint line is a line. Positive is positive!! So take another in the morning to ease your mind but I’ll go ahead and say congratulations!

Mine was very faint and I now have a 2 month old

Both my pregnancies the tests were faint I have a 12 yr old and a 11 month old x

I never had faint postives before I always get a dark positive With every test I take I found out at 5 days late with this one and The line came out very dark bold

A line, no matter how faint, is positive. Congratulations!

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Mine was negative forgot about it left it on top of the sink turned faint positive hours later two days later took another one and was clear positive

Mine was always faint

I got a faint line with my first daughter

I got a super faint line and now I’m due in 12 days😁

It was faint by the next day the were two visible line

Pregnant. Theres no such thing as a false positive.

Had 3 tests like that. Pregnant all 3 times

I was pregnant. But went to a health department to double check anyway.

I was pregnant with a faint line both pregnancies

All my test that came back faint I ended up loosing

Not to scare u
Take another one or go to the Dr for blood and track your levels

She’s 17 months old now.

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I got a REALLY faint line 2 days before my missed period. The line got darker by the day, it was exciting, lol. My daughter is now 14 months old :slight_smile:

Depends how high the hcg is. I got a faint one with my most previous pregnancy but the baby didnt make it

A negative on a Friday and Faint postive on a Sunday turned into my now 2 year old.

Mine were faint too, and I have a 5yo and 2yo old now!

You can always try taking one in a day or two or go to dr and get blood work done to know for sure but I’m going to just go ahead and say…

Faint line is still a line. However, could be really early or your hcg levels are low to where its just hard to detect. Confirm w a blood test w your pcp or take another one 1st thing in the morning but try a digital one

Pregnant. 16 weeks tomorrow

Mine was faint and I was definitely pregnant. Ended up being twins but we lost baby b. Baby a is currently a healthy and happy 1 month old.

If you read the test in the correct time frame and there was a line, no matter how faint, you’re 99.9% probably pregnant. There has to be HCG for a line to show up (unless you didn’t read it in the correct time frame like I said. Then that’s an evap line) it’s EXTREMELY rare for a false positive. That usually doesn’t happen ever

She’s 1 month old now. I waited a couple of days and took 3 more tests to be sure.

I could barely see it with my first but I was defiantly pregnant lol ur probably just not far along try it with ur first pee in the morning when u get up

I had the exact same result… Was unsure what it meant so did a blood test it was positive… I was ma 2-3 weeks… So could be ur jus very early along

With my first baby I took numerous different tests for 6 months…all negative. Finally at about 6 months I went to the doctor. Only gained 11 lbs.

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I had 3 separate times I got faints when I was over a week late. I miscarried within a week every time. Not trying to scare you, just sharing my experience. Hoping it goes better for you than it did for me hun :blue_heart:

The first test was clear as day the one the next morning I was unsure. I’m 28 weeks right now

Mine were faint. The first I was apparently only 4 weeks pregnant. The second I was 6 weeks

Super faint line I was only 3 weeks pregnant lol

I was 3 weeks I’m now 32 weeks FTM of a little boy.

I was 3 months prego but had no idea I was when I took my first two tests and the were super faint.

Mine with this pregnancy was very faint almost looked like an evap line…took another test a few days later n got a line a tad darker, another test a few days later and got a bold line, currently 21 weeks with a lil girl :slight_smile:

Ur pregnant ur just far enough along

I hate line pregnancy test… I used pregnant + weeks or not pregnant

My test with my daughter was super clear but with my son it was a little less dark. He’s now almost 11 weeks old!

I could barely see mine and I was pregnant any sort of line your defo pregnant, wait a few days and take a couple more

A few were defective… my best guess… because I wasn’t pregnant (even took one after 2 years of celibacy as moral support for a friend, took them together. … don’t ask. … got a faint positive, lol)

And a few I was pregnant

Mine were all faint but i tested early- pregnant both times tho! So congratulations x

could go either way, 2 months ago i had a chemical pregnancy but before instarted bleeding i had a very very faint positive but i also had bad cramps and back pain. this time around my first test was faint positive and got darker and darker every couple days. take a couple more tests a couple days apart and if they darken, well. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Mine was super faint. But if it was negativr there would be no line at all.

Took a test every day for a week before my missed period. Kept having light lines. Turned out to be pregnant with twins

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My first test was very faint. I was pregnant