Are ice baths safe while pregnant?

I’m impressed you ran a half marathon while pregnant. I would call a health line and ask for advice if you can’t get in to see your regular doctor. I personally would not ever take an ice bath while pregnant.


I’d say no a fetus cant regulate their own body temperature

I’d say no. Ask your OB dr.

Just soak in some tepid water with Epsom salts

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Maybe a warm bath with Epsom salt instead?


What about an epsom soak?

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Warm bath with Epsom salts. Do not risk hypothermia in a fetus.

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A woman shouldn’t soak in any water when she is pregnant because of bacteria. it’s not a fact that everyone who takes a bath while pregnant develops an infection. But why risk that little chance at all? Do you, girl.


I was told I could not do cryotherapy while pregnant because it is to cold

I did hot epsom baths my entire pregnancies… just can’t have body temp rise above a certain degree

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Call your doctor . Please don’t turn to the Internet for medical advice


The reason hot tubs and saunas are a no no is because of the sudden temperature change your blood filters through the placenta. The placenta can go into shock if the blood temperature changes dramatically like it does in a ice bath or hot tub. Do not do it. Grab an ice pack or three.


My practicing degree in medical on Facebook says to please call your ob or midwife and not ask on Facebook


When in doubt always as your doctor


The woman is asking a question why the hell are people being so rude this is a yes or no kinda thing as I said it’s a question she didn’t ask for an opinion or criticism by the sound of some of you I can’t really say much it’s not your fault your lives have been so good and never had to face the world in difficult times when you have experienced both sides of life you’ll further educate your brains and realise that your being horrible to this woman…


Your only 7 weeks, it should be fine but consult your Ob-Gyn

I never took baths that were too hot or too cold but it doesnt hurt to ask a doctor

They tell you to stay away from hot baths because your body temp rises, I would assume the same on a ice bath. Your body temp would change.

Hot baths defiantly didn’t help me go into labor I took HOTTTT bathes when I was pregnant with my babygirl the whole 9 months and she came out perfect and is still perfect no effects the HOT bathes felt amazing on my back. Ice cold bathes I never tried them!

Please ask your dr not facebook. No one is certified on here to tell u what’s correct and what’s not


My question is why are you running a marathon while pregnant?? :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:


Please ask your ob/gyn

No the dramatic temperature change is not safe


No. For the same reason you don’t have a hot bath. You’re better off just having a warm bath in some magnesium salts.

1/2 marathons are probably worse than ice baths!


No ice just use salt for bath

You’re fine. Ice bath is safe.

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Sounds like a great question for your OB. If you are an established patient, that is a question that shouldn’t/doesn’t require a visit

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I would not do it until you check with your doctor. It’s great to stay active while you are pregnant but if you exercise is making you that sore you should probably take easy on yr body and baby

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If u ran a marathon I’m sure a ice bath will be fine

I would take an epsom bath. That should help achy muscles well.