Are my last two cycles normal?

The last 2 period cycles have been brown blood for two days only. Usually, it’s a week, has anyone experienced this? What is going on?


I’m sure your doctor can give you an answer :wink:


Your body has to flush out the old blood first and it could be a few cycles before you are back to your new normal

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I would call your obgyn, normally you may have it before you get your period.

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It’s old blood. Probably normal

Only you would know if your cycles are normal. And that’s a great question for your Dr. There could be other things going on.


My 2 cents, don’t like it, please scroll on. I think many woman seek advice from other women to set their minds at ease. Of course things should be discussed with Dr’s, no denying that. But many women do not have insurance, and many times they call to make an appt to which they can’t get in for weeks. I really don’t think just telling them “go see your Dr” is what they’re looking for, they ask for advice and are mostly comforted when someone tells them they’ve experienced the same, it’ll be OK. Obviously something dire, I’d like to think they’d go to the ER.


I’ve experienced the same thing my last few cycles… but at the same time I’ve also had a cyst on my Cervix. Which made my cycles do this. My doctor said all would be fine and put me on birth control to regulate them back out to normal. Which if you have a health department close by you can make an appointment with them to discuss it and I’m sure they can help you determine your next steps or even help you get it regulated. Plus they are really cheap or free to see. Sorry if this doesn’t help!

Just a call to your ob-gyn will give you the right answer. They like to hear from you, and are fine with any questions.

Did you start any hormone treatments like birth control, or been eating more soy than usual?
If no to both the above. Take a pregnancy test.
Make an apt with your OBGYN.

I would advise anyone who is experiencing this to check with your doctor. I thought it was normal as well. I was just diagnosed with endometrial cancer, which is a hormone-triggered cancer. Fortunately, mine was caught early and had not spread. Please check with your doctor.

Darker blood generally just means it is older blood. There are a lot of things that could affect all aspects of your cycle including stress, medication changes, medical issues and age. When I was on birth control, I had brown blood quite often and my periods were shorter. But there are many things that could contribute to it. It is not abnormal, but if it suddenly changed with no external changes you’ve made and your stress levels aren’t any different that usual lately, it doesn’t hurt to discuss it with your dr.


How old are you? It could be the start of menopause. I did that for a few years, then only a couple of days per year of “brown spotting”. Sometimes, though, there would be such heavy bleeding I would go thru super tampons and overnight pads in an hour. See a dr if you are concerned.

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I was experiencing the same thing and went to doc and was diagnosed with late beginning/early middle of menopause which sucks with only being 38

Everyone is different but I get that to my doctor told me it’s older blood

Seems to me that one would consult a doctor if concerned and not the social media.

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Could be a cyst too.

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I get it too because I’m going through menopause

When in doubt get it checked out.

I get cysts a lot. I usually have brown blood when one bursts. 2-8 days post burst

Happened to me when I was pregnant…

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Why ask media? Go to doctor ASAP.

What’s your age?
Brown blood is just like remnants of last period.
Reason I asked age is that’s what I experienced when I started menopause.