Are my pregnancy emotions normal?

i’m in the third trimester of my first pregnancy, and recently i find myself crying over EVERYTHING. everything makes me sad, even happy things! my husband is going away with his brother for 6 nights, and it will be the longest we have ever been apart in our 6 year relationship, this has been planned for almost a year now, and now that it’s almost here i’m dreading it, i find myself constantly making myself upset thinking about being without him for 6 nights, my baby shower is the day after he leaves and i’m sad that he won’t be here to see everything we get. is it typical to be this emotional over everything?!


Yes, your feelings are normal but that doesn’t make them any less real to you. Feel your emotions and work through them. Set up separate fun activities for yourself while he’s away. Have someone else check on you or set up a reoccurring check in time with your partner.

Remember: During and after pregnancy our emotions are: real and valid. It is absolutely okay and healthy to feel them and process them. It is NOT okay to take them out on anyone else.