Are my toddlers tantrums normal?

So, my 19 month old is teething, getting his canines and molars in. His sleeping schedule has been weird. His bedtime is 6:30, but he usually won’t fall asleep right away, and I can hear him get up once or twice a night but he will usually go back to sleep, we occasionally have to go in to help him. He used to wake up around 7/7:30 but lately has been getting up around 8-9. His naptime is 12pm but because he’s been sleeping later in the morning he usually doesn’t go down until 1-1:30 and will wake up from nap 3:30.

That brings us to today. I had to wake my son up from his nap a little before 3:30 as I was going on a walk with my husband and sister in law with my son and niece and my youngest son, 6 weeks old. My oldest played and ran in the fields with my husband. We had to cut the trip short because it was cold. He got upset getting in his stroller, but calmed down when my sister in law blew some bubbles for him. Then we got home. He threw a fit coming inside, calmed down a bit to eat some chicken, but then started screeching because he didn’t want anymore. Then he began screeching at the top of his lungs, making gurgling sounds because he’s screaming so long, running out of breath. He kept calming down but then ramping up again for no good reason. This screeching screaming gurgling no sound on and off tantrum lasted like an hour and then we tried putting him to bed early, which he took to fine but he’s yelling upstairs now.

I’m wondering if this sort of thing is normal, or if he might have something going on. He does maintain eye contact, engages people in play, laughs and is joyful in play, he does ignore his name when called when he’s really into something, but will respond to it if caught off guard. He also counts to three, knows his shapes and colors, can identify half of the alphabet, that stuff.

Really I’m wondering is this is an indicator that I should look into early intervention or if this hour long caterwauling is part of teething and approaching the terrible two’s.

Bless your heart and soul if you read all of that!