Are poppyseeds harmful for breastfeeding?

Can poppy seeds be harmful to breastfeeding, or can the substance in poppyseeds pass through the breastmilk? I had a bread slice with my coffee in the morning, and I didn’t realize until halfway that there were some poppyseeds. There weren’t many just the top crust had some. But I’m worried if it could pass through my daughter. I breastfeed only a few tines throughput the day. She has a doctor’s appt coming up. I’m scared that she may accidentally test positive for something false if they do blood works. Can anything. Like that happen, or is it just a silly worry?


Not even worth worrying over. You’re fine and so is the little one. Press on, Momma

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I ate Costco poppyseed muffins 3-5 times a week while pregnant and was fine.
I’m sure your okay

I think its fine mama

Not a chance. You would need to eat a poppyseed bagel every day for a month to have anything to worry about.

You would have to eat like a million poppy seeds to test for any drugs lol. Youre good.

Same opinion as those above, but it doesnt ever hurt to ask when you’re unsure! :grin:

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Yes you can test positive for drugs if you eat poppy seeds ask your or her dr about it

I showed a very very faint positive after eating everything bagels for a few days. Not enough to be an actual positive but that section wasn’t as clear as all the other ones.

Can someone explain to me why this a concern? Not being mean or sarcastic, I’m genuinely curious why eating poppyseeds would matter?


You would have to get a lot of them to show up in the test I would not worry about it

How is that even on your mind? Usually they don’t check blood unless necessary

What’s so bad bout poppyseeds

The amount of poppy seeds needed to fail a drug test is a very large amount. You’re fine.

Theres some insite for those who dont know or wa ted to know more.

Such a small amount is highly unlikely to have any effect.

Your okay :slight_smile: you’d be surprised if you barely ate any then it probably won’t even reach the breast milk. The milk pulls the vitamins and nutrients first unless your doing drugs or drinking your okay.

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That’s it. I’m done with this page that is SUPPOSED to be about amazing husbands. Ugh…


Yes. Poppy seeds can cause false positive on drug tests.

Poppy seeds cause positives on urine drug tests.

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You would have to eat a ridiculous amount of poppy seeds in order for you to test positive (opiates), and evening more for there to be enough for your baby to test positive.

I would Mention it to the dr. Try not to worry & don’t be scared, and don’t look on google as it’ll only worry you xx

No the baby is fine.