Are ramen noodles bad for you while pregnant?

How bad are ramen noodles for you while pregnant? its the only thing that i can stomach but im scared of the salt content


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are ramen noodles bad for you while pregnant?

With the high sodium content it made my ankles swell. I tried to stay away from the bullion powder where the salt is:)

Way too much sodium…

Just a lot of salt and no nutrition

Do you really want to risk it? The sodium level is 830 mg which isn’t good for anybody at any age. You can eat in moderation if you really want to but don’t be making it as your only meal option.

Maybe try not to add the seasoning packet or at least not all of it

I ate some couple weeks ago with in 2 hours my feet where swollen bad. Not a very good idea :persevere:

If you just use the noodles and season it on your own it shouldn’t be too bad.

Add half the season packet or sprinkle to give it a little flavor

Boil them in low sodium broth. There is chicken or beef. Don’t add the seasoning packet.

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Try to find one that is lower sodium. But if it’s the only thing you can keep down, eat it. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s also not something they specifically tell you not to eat.

When I was pregnant that’s all I pretty much could eat. The baby didnt like a lot of things but roman noodles. The baby sure loved it lol. So I had to eat something that’s what it was Ramon noodles lol.

If college students can survive off nothing but Ramen and sauce for a few years, you’ll be okay for a few weeks. Just make sure your doctor knows it’s the only thing that you can keep down, so they can keep an eye on your BP etc.


I’m seven months pregnant and ate some today, only time I have swelling is when I’m working or on my feet for hours but I also don’t eat them very often.


If it’s all you can stomach, then eat them. I’ve been so sick during early pregnancy, and the salt helped with electrolytes and made me feel better.

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I throw up every time I eat them :woman_shrugging:t3: and I’m pregnant

Waaay 2 much salt!!!

I don’t have a package of Ramen in front of me, but as I recall, Ramen is pretty high in sodium. For right now, could you try a few oyster crackers? They are easy on the tummy. If those stay down, maybe you can handle cans of beef stew.

I ate them i have 4 healthy littles.

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Use different seasoning

What in this world isn’t bad for us?


I’ve eaten cup o noodles several times and I’m fine. Baby’s fine. I usually dump some of the extra water out and then eat it. No swelling no issues

The salt is in the powder seasoning. Only use part of the packet. Just enough to flavor the water.

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If concerned use half the season packet, not all of it.

Make sure to keep extra hydrated

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They have low sodium ones

Idk I ate them a ton. But I’m so addicted to salt and developed preeclampsia. I was just as bad with my first but I was fine and I was 12 years younger

I ate them all through my pregnancy and I didn’t care


I ate them all the time in all 3 of my pregnancies. Nothing bad happened, as long as your not earing them at every meal hahaha

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I ate them religiously while pregnant and both my kids turned out perfect. There is alot of salt though

At one point with my first the broth from the cup of coups was all I could keep down. Myself and my baby were fine but If you’re really concerned just eat with half the broth.

While I was pregnant, I could literally only eat junk or it would come back up. My dietitian told me any food is better than no food! Unless you go in and then say your sodium is high, I’d keep doing what you’re able to do

That’s the only thing I could eat the first 3 months of my last pregnancy bc I was always sick. Just make sure you take your prenatal vitamin & it should be fine.

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As long as you don’t eat them all the time cuz it’s super high in sodium I don’t see the harm. If that’s all you can eat then it’s better then not eating at all.

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Add things to it like vegetables or eggs, that will add in some protein and veggies to give more of a balance that just the plain ramen. Also maybe try real ramen, it’s definitely healthier than the package stuff. The package stuff is still yummy :drooling_face:

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I drained mine and added half the seasoning or used my own low sodium stuff. Make sure you stay hydrated.

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Man, I cannot keep down ramen noodles lol. Every single time I ate them I puked. So much sodium.

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Try to find acini de pepe pasta or baby pastina pasta. U can use a half of a bullion cube in it or without n drain all the water & melted butter. Very easy on stomach. This is basically what we call Italian penicillin. Every Italian parent uses this for sick kids or sick adults. I put pics in comments below.


I’ve eaten ramen ( not only ramen) my whole pregnancy and my baby is as healthy as she can be! You can also try chicken noodle soup :white_heart:

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If you can keep them down then eat them, any food is better then no food at all

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Nothing wrong with ramen. Just make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day.


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Ramen noodles are poison regardless. Research costs you nothing.

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Try having Udon instead, or buy the noodles and make your own stock.

Just eat it. It’s better than nothing


The salt content is high. If it’s a concern, only use some of the seasoning packet & put other things like veggies & hardboiled eggs if you want.


Don’t use seasoning package. Definitely not good for you . Use some low sodium broth or something

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My OB told me that as long as my weight and BP were good I was fine to eat them. I ate them frequently while pregnant with my daughter bc it’s all I could stomach and I craved them.


Unless you have some issues limiting salt, they are fine. Most seasoned foods are high in sodium.

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Don’t use the whole seasoning packet, you’re good :purple_heart:

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Ramen noodles are bad for you period

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Eat them if they help