Are roombas worth it?

Any mama’s ever bought a shark, roomba, irobot, etc. One of the one’s that go around the house by itself and mop? If so which one(s) & are they worth it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are roombas worth it?

Absolutely. I love my roomba!

My friend Rebecca Horner swears by hers! Her home is ways tidy and the floors always look great when I visit!

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I have a roomba and I love it. I turn it on and it does all the work of a vacuum

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Definitely worth it. Ours sweeps and mops.

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Yes!!! I love mine!!

Yes I have one. Perfect to get you through the week until you can vacuum all the hard to reach places


I have a neato and I have loved it since its 1st generation model

The shark is the only One I can speak on and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!!! We have 2 Australian Shepards and keeping up w their hair was impossible. I am a die hard shark fan. Their automatic vacuum is absolutely worth it. They have a few diff models. Starting at basic and super advanced.

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Yes. Set it to run every other day.

I have 1 Roomba and 2 of the Sharks. I love them. I actually like the Shark better. It has the canister that the shark empties into. Now you still have to clean the brush sometimes and stuff but it’s so worth it. I love that I can set them to go off at a certain time every day.


I have the generic brand, eufy… and I absolutely love it!!! Been having mine 2 Years and it’s amazing, especially with pets

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I’ve got a 980 irobot and I absolutely love it. 3 cats and a toddler in the house, it’s the best thing ever. It goes back and forth, doesn’t zig zag everywhere and misses nothing. If it broke… I’d probably cry lol!

I have one and I love it! I set it to vacuum every day at 8am.

I had a shark and I liked it except it would get stuck under the table or by the toilet. And I had a dog that would lay on the floor while it was mapping so it would hit him and he wouldn’t get up.

Do you have a pet that could EVER have an accident in the house you might not see right away? If you do, it could be a terrible mistake :brown_heart::poop:

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Yes I have a I robot and love mine. I’m on my third one. Saves my back. :heart::heart::heart:

All fun and games till one of your animals does its business in the floor and it runs over it. Yep. Gonna have to day no if ya got animals.

Not if you have dogs and they shit on the floor they’re not

I’ve got a roborocks S5 and I love it! It’s great for during the week when I’m busy working and then on the weekend I usually do a proper mop and vacuum

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M0re Info.

I have tile and laminate flooring - absolutely worth it, but you have to clean them out DAILY. You also have to bust out a broom and dustpan at least once a week. They get a lot of stuff but they’ll never get “all the stuff”. We love them, for the dog hair they keep cleaned up. I don’t have time to bust out a broom and dustpan twice a day, so…. Roomba it is.

Personally (house cleaner here) they are worth it if you have 1 pet, maybe 2 but no more than that. I have clients that their houses stay pretty hairless if only 1 dog or cat, but more than 2 it really doesn’t help.

I have one and absolutely love it. I don’t know how I lived my life without it. LOL