Are sleep number mattresses worth it?

Does anyone have a Sleep Number mattress? Worth the $ or any other that are better? My husband likes a more firm bed and I like super plush so thinking this is our best bet?

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It definitely takes some getting used to it . But it works for us. We started by getting on for our rv and ended up getting one for our bedroom.

I love mine. Just wish I would have sprung for the split in the middle.

Got one a month ago. We love it
Very comfy!!

We got one in April and love it. However, make sure you can afford it. Ours is the mid range p model (the C and S models are really not comfortable at all) and we spent $7000

I love my sleep number bed… Worth all of the stupid amount of pennies I spent on it

One of my friends had one and she liked it. They are expensive.