Are swollen ankles normal while pregnant?

Ladies I never had swollen ankles when I was pregnant with my son I just looked at mine and I’m 29 weeks and they are swollen please tell me this is normal


My feet were HUGE with my daughter and normal with my son. No high blood pressure or any cause the Dr could find.

Normal, but get checked out by your doctor just to be sure. Could be heat related if you live in a hot weather area.

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You need to get check for preeclampsia it’s always a risk and just because you don’t have it with one baby doesn’t mean you can’t have with another I had to be induce a week early due to major heart palpating my feet swelled like ballon’s :weary::sob: super painful and uncomfortable some swelling is normal if you haven’t been drinking enough water “ Gatorade ect don’t count” and to much salt either way get your blood pressure checked and sugars also heat stay off your feet that’s the best Medican even for preeclampsia that’s normally about the time women are put on best rest for such if it can seriously help put your feet up drink a lot and I mean a lot of water and stay out of the heat for three days it will help

Can be yes! Both pregnancies with my boys I had swollen ankles and everything else but my girl pregnancies didn’t :woman_shrugging:t4: just keep an eye on them and elevate. Your doc may talk to you about pre eclampsia as well if you mention the swelling to them.

yes normal, could be hypertension though… Ask doctor if you’re okay or not

Its very normal. But get checked cuz mine got huge & i started swelling everywhere & i ended up with preeclampsia & had my son at 31 weeks & we both almost died. & i felt completely normal other then sickness & swelling!

My feet and ankles were swollen pretty much my entire last trimester with my 2nd baby and I have a feeling it was because of the heat. Still ask your Dr but I did get compression socks as well

It is normal but get looked at just in case x

Normal but get checked over