Are temple thermometors accurate?

I have a temple thermometer, and my son is readying 99.8. wondering if that’s an accurate reading. Gave him some Motrin JIC


Yes and 99.8 isn’t a fever. You shouldn’t give a fever reducer until at least 102

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Not a fever until it’s 100.4. Your temp will flux all day long.


What is normal for one is not always normal for all

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That’s not a fever. Absolutely no reason to give him meds.


That’s not a fever. Motrin should never be your first choice.


Each place reads differently. The most accurate is a rectal thermometer. You can google ear, temple, mouth, armpit, rectal temp accuracy.

Not everyone clocks in at 98.6. With that being said, an increased temp is the body’s way of trying to fight infection by itself.

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That is not a fever for a child

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It depends. I know when I am running a 99.8 temp I feel awful so it is different for everyone really. Also i don’t give medicine for a fever unless my daughter isn’t acting her normal self or if it is 101. As their little bodies is fighting off what ever big they have and that is better as they are building a immune system


First rectal is most accurate in children under 2. Second below 100.4 does not warrant Motrin. 3rd the first thing you give with a fever is typical never motrin

To me, 99s and 100s or low grade fevers. However, you should look at what else could be going on? Any kind of pain or other symptoms going? That would give you a better idea of whether or not to give meds. Currently my 2 year old has a 100.2 temp with a runny nose, but super happy so I have not given any meds today.

I don’t do meds unless it’s over 101°. The body needs to fight whatever it is fighting. Fevers are good to an extent.

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First of all age of child. What are your childs symptoms. If there are no symptoms and child is behaving normally no need to give meds
Also tylenol is a better option

Rectal is most accurate as far as I know.

Okay so a temple temp is not an accurate reading and is off somewhat. Try taking an oral temp. But if a temporal reading is 99.8 more than likely his actual temp is over 100.

They are not accurate and need to be collaborated often.

Rectal is the most accurate

That is not a fever, and meds shouldn’t be given. If the temp reaches 100.4 or higher, then that is considered a fever, meds (tylenol/ibuprofen) given, and a call to the dr.


No, they are not accurate and that’s not a fever.

Actually, not everyone’s body temperature is always going to be 98.6. Mine is closer to 97. For myself, I consider 100 a fever. If you know your child’s normal body temperature range, go based off that and decide for yourself if it is a fever. You know your body, you know your child.


Hmmm… I am concerned about my childs health. I need some answers. Maybe I could get info from web md. No. Or maybe call my childs doctor. No. I could call my pharmacist. No.
Wait! I’ll ask totally unqualified strangers on facebook. Gee am I a great parent or what?


That’s low grade…how old is he??? If he’s an infant he’s probably just bundled too much. Uncover him.

I would trust a rectal reading over the forehead ones. Or I’ve done under the armpit then add 1 degree. Definitely call your pediatrician if you’re concerned but 99 is pretty low grade and no need for Tylenol unless he is miserable- teething?

We don’t do meds until 102°, anything lower is peppermint oil to the feet or a cold washcloth one the forehead. Fevers are a good thing as long as they’re not too high.


My sister says that if you think a baby has a temperature the best way is to do a rectal one. She was a ER nurse and people would take external temps and rush their child to the ER just to be told it’s not a high fever. Tylenol is her recommendation for fever control if you choose. Trust your gut.

Our pediatrician always says don’t treat a fever unless the child seems uncomfortable, it’s our bodies way of fighting infections. That technically isn’t a fever to begin with.


It’s not technically a fever until 100.4. I wouldn’t trust the thermometer, sometimes they don’t work so great. I would use a regular thermometer under the arm pit and add one degree to what it says.

Do not do a rectal temperature it is not safe. Most pediatricians don’t do it that way anymore

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My regular temp with any thermometer is 95.1 they have check under the tongue to confirm. I know if I reach 99.0 I that a fever and temporal reads like oral

Yes they are and you should call your child’s pediatrician about the fever.

We personally only treat symptoms not fevers. Fevers are our bodies way of fighting infection. Now if my kids get headaches or body aches when running hot we do give Tylenol. We do not give much Motrin due to if it’s a viral illness like chicken pox it could make it worse. But everyone runs different. my normal is 97.0 under the tongue, my hubby is 99.5 normal and my kids run about 98.0 normally. Unless it bothers us we don’t treat it, and the longest my kids have been sick is 48 hours. But we also avoid shots and only use antibiotics and meds if necessary.

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You’re supposed to add a degree to the temporal ones so you’re actually looking at around 100.8

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Not a doctor or nurse but the temperature itself isn’t always a problem. That’s the body fighting the virus or whatever. It’s how the child is acting. A child can have a fever of 103 but be acting fairly normal for them, eating, drinking, etc etc and that will be less worrisome that an child with a temp of 100 that is lethargic, won’t eat, no interest in playing, doesn’t want to drink, etc. 99 isn’t a really considered a “temperature” so no need for meds unless their behavior is indicative of needing it.


I have not found them to be very accurate. Even the oral thermometer we have last week said he didn’t have a fever for days but I just knew he did. Took him to the doctor and it was 101 something. And it was a pricy and before then very seemingly accurate one.

It’s how quickly you get the fever down
My kids can have strep throat with no fever.
If I have a temp of 99, I am really sick.
It is different for everyone
I am not going to wait until miserable to take something.

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They are accurate. Technically that’s not a fever. Anything over 100.5 is. Next time, wait to see if the fever spikes/turns into anything first. Fever is a sign that the body is fighting a virus or bacteria. Now you won’t know until the Motrin wears off in 4-6 hours. Is he acting normal or sick? Keep him hydrated if he’s not feeling well.


I used a temporal thermometer on my clinical rounds because they were faster, if there was anything in question I would recheck with a digital probe under the tongue, my question to you is, how old is the child? Many factors could slightly elevate a temperature such as teething, the child running around, drinking something warm, etc. what would you suspect why the child is having a fever? Is the child pulling at their ear? (Ear infection) are they crying for length of time? As Moms we tend to medicate first out of panic, typically that temperature wouldn’t be considered a fever, but I would keep an eye out and keep the child hydrated, make note of any symptoms such as coughing, ear tugging, complaints from the child of any sort (again not sure of the age), any kind of nasal drainage that isn’t clear and if the temperature seems to be rising call your pediatrician…sometimes a luke warm to cool bath can be soothing as well…good luck and I hope your child feels better😊

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My normal sits at 99.6 every single day. My kids are all different. One goes high with illnesses and 104 in her doesn’t alarm us. When she was little with the flu, she hit 105 and the docs said to use cool compresses and alternate Tylenol and Motrin. Only bring her in if it didn’t lower it at all. If it did, just keep up that treatment. She would drop to 104.5 and then go back up within 2 hours. Never had to go in though. That has consistently happened to her with flu, strep, etc. But her sisters never go over 102, so if one of them hit 104 I’d be more worried. I would never think of 99.8 as a fever.

99.8 isn’t a fever in any universe and if you are truly concerned, consult your pediatrician. Asking here just leaves you figuring out what’s true and what’s not


I dont think they’re accurate at all. I was running a 101.7 temp (oral) and took it with our temporal one and it said 97.8. That’s happened to my family several times

Some people run high. Depending on the body pet it will be higher or lower by a degree or two. You should never give a kid Motrin unless absolutely necessary, it messes with their bladder and kidneys. And it isn’t a fever reducer.

They are accurate. My oldest sons normal temp usually runs 99.3. Maybe hold off on the meds a little longer next time.

That is a low grade fever, however that’s high enough for a child not able to attend daycare at my center.

Yes that’s technically not a fever but everyone has a different “normal temperature” My normal is 96.8 so that would definitely be a fever for me


Mine wasn’t. My child was actually 103 and it kept telling me less than 100. I knew something wasn’t right so I got a $1 thermometer and checked. Thank God.

If you’ve ever had a child that has experienced febrile seizures you would give Tylenol or Motrin at that temp.


Given you’re using the thermometer correctly, they are accurate. Some need to be touching the skin to read the temperature correctly, some can read a temperature without touching. If you’re following the manufacturer instructions to use it, then it should be accurate.

My daughters normal temp is 97.1, when she hits 98.6 or 99 she is very sluggish and miserable. I know she is sick at that point.


Yes accurate. For future knowledge, I wouldn’t give any meds for anything under like high 100’s-101. A lot of kids run hot anyway. Could just be something they’ll sleep off.

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98.6 is an average not a rule. Some people may run above or below. I would track it for a week or so. If he had no other symptoms I can conclude that that’s normal for him

A fever is the body’s natural way to fight infection. Don’t give Motrin or Tylenol until the fever passes 100.5.


I work in a facility where we have been using temporal thermometer and it can read 99.9 I take an oral and it reads 97.9 so they are not the best.

It’s recommended to not give medicine unless the child is uncomfortable. Let the fever run its course, the body knows what it’s doing.

99.8 isn’t considered a fever. Doctors and nurses will look at you and say uh-huh and? Anything above 100.4 worry about. But you also have to realize just being out in the sun and temple thermometers can read high. As well as riding in the AC then walking in and having your temp taking can read cool.

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I believe the recommendation is to take 3 times and use the highest. Also, it’s not technically a fever until temp is 100.4

I personally wouldn’t give any meds for that temperature, especially not Motrin. But I would definitely keep an eye on it though.

99.8 isn’t a fever over a 100 is low grade. But if you want completely accurate, use a rectal thermometer.

Temple thermometers are always 2 degrees or so under for me.

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They are but watch symptoms too not just temp.

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I get thermo-scanned every day going into work. I’ve had hypothermia at least three times this last week. :upside_down_face:

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They are accurate
His reading thus far is fine
Monitor if it goes above 100
Medical intervention at 103

Doesn’t hurt to take it in the armpit to find out… we’ve never had issues with our forehead one thiugh

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I hate hate hate temple thermometers. I always take it 2-3 times and get the average to be sure. They are not very accurate. Rectal is the most accurate.

A forehead temp is 0.5 to 1 degree lower than a oral temp. So if the forehead is 99.8 thanks 100.8(normal oral is 98.6) . That’s a low grade fever. You can try a bath first. If it’s still high before bed, a dose a med won’t hurt. More important is what is causing it? We’re they just outside a lot today? If so rehydrate. Any other symptoms?

They’re accurate for a quick check, but anything under 100.4 should be double-checked in my opinion.

My son and I always run 99.1 to 99.3. Always. No matter how we take it

Anything less then 100 should not get meds, it’s ur body fighting the infection

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Couple Tylenol. Rest and fluids. That temperature is nothing to worry about.

My son’s temp runs higher with a temporal thermometer because of his acne :woman_shrugging:t3:

If it is a little high the first time wait awhile and take it again especially in summer

I used rectal when all my babies were Itty bitty.

I was told no by my Dr. I think it is

Under the tongue or rectal are most accurate.
Under the armpit, add one degree.

No they seem to be always lower than what your actual temp is.

Our forehead thermometer says to add .8 degree to it so of it is 99.8 than the temp is around 100.6. Low grade but I would give meds for the night and monitor closely tommorow.

Unless a child is symptomatic, never rush to give any medication. A fever is the body’s way of fighting an infection.


My digital forehead one gave wonky readings so I switched to the wrist.

My kids read 96 - 97.5 with the temple/ gun thermometer

Accurate or not that’s not a fever


That’s not a fever… just sayin.

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Rectal is the most accurate.

Rather safe than sorry

Anything over 100.5 is fever

If 64 is an accurate reading…

Different thermometers will read higher or lower
Oral/under the tongue vs under the arm vs temple will have different temp ranges. Read the instructions as to what the normal range is

99.8 is typically high normal
Fever is 100.1 or higher
Risk of febrile seizures is 104 or higher

Consult your Dr or advice nurse if unsure

For oral temps, if you’ve drunk or ate something hot or cold will affect the reading. Same for taking tylenol or ibuprofen before taking temo

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This came with one of our thermometers

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I haven’t found them to be very accurate. 99.8 is not a fever though. A low grade fever starts at 100.4 and that’s also when an infant should be treated or the doctor should be called for a newborn. Personally I don’t treat anything under 103.5 once my kids are older than 2. Fevers are not a bad thing. They are part of the body defending itself.


I believe they are reliable. As for those saying 99.8 isn’t a fever, I believe it all depends on the child. My child always runs a low temperature so when she hits 99, we tend to worry a little.

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Nurse for 16yrs and Momma to 6. Depending on the age of your child you really don’t need to give fever reducer for anything below 101


The first question is, what does your child run on average? My temp is usually 97.2, so a temp of 99.8 or above can make me feel crummy. Once you know their baseline, then you can decide if medication is the option you choose.

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Accurate enough. Without a medical condition, temperatures aren’t technically fevers until they hit 100.4 or 101 depending on age. Unless he’s symptomatic, an antipyretic really isn’t necessary.

  • Pediatric RMA

99.8 isnt considered a fever. My normal temperature averages around 99.3. I wouldnt give medication solely for a fever unless it’s close to 102. Theres no need to medicate unnecessarily.

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Yes they are accurate

Usually those thermometers are pretty accurate. Fevers are good! They help the body get rid of the viruses and bacteria. If you get a fever of 103 or higher then it’s time to go to the ER. It’s better to let them have the fever unless they are in pain. If your kid has been in bed, or playing, their temperature will be a little higher than normal. Dont worry about it yet!

A little advice to every mother…dont jump right to drugs to cure temperatures or if your kid isnt acting their selves…do every home remedie you can think of…drugs shoukd be the very last resort

In the hot weather I would give him water to drink. Higher temp is associated with dehydration. I wouldn’t medicate a temp until 100.4

Some times the heat outside givesva false temp. My mother in laws facility takes my temp before allowing me to see her and if it is a very hot day it give them a false reading

100.4 is considered a high temp, so don’t worry, I myself usually worry when the temp is 101 or higher,