Are these normal pregnancy pains?

Can you post this for me? I’m a little over 29 weeks pregnant. I’ve noticed my right side (lower back/hip) has been hurting bad and hasn’t really let down any. It feels like it’s getting tighter and sorta burning sensation. My stomach has been getting tight but I’ve been feeling her move some. My hips hurt. I feel like I need to poop but I don’t. I can’t get ahold of my doctor so idk if I need to be seen or what to do.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Are these normal pregnancy pains?

Could be early labor. Get checked.

Always get checked to be safe

Always better to just go in to be safe!
You know your body better than anyone else!

Definitely get ahold of your Dr. Baby could be pinching a nerve or something.

Always call your doctor if you have changes you can’t explain. Sometimes low back and hip pain happens because you’re developing a belly and that puts a strain on your back. But you don’t want to take any chances. Always check it out with your doctor.

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Urgent care go get checked out

Tylenol and Powerade helped me. If it gets any worse or continues call your dr :green_heart:

Get checked but could be sciatica pain from the baby growing and pushing on a nerve. At this point the cartilage that is in the front between the two pubic bones that connect to the hip bones starts to spread to give room for baby to grow and descend into the birth canal which can cause pain. Either way keep trying your Doctor and if you feel that something is off go to the ER

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I would go to ER with those symptoms if you can’t get ahold of your doctor… better safe than sorry

Just be careful with lower back pain because it can sometimes be related to a Kidney Infection. I had this with my second child and was admitted to the Hospital for several days and had to receive IV Antibiotics. If you get any fever with the pain, you need medical treatment immediately.


I would check with your doctor to be safe, but what your describing sounds like what I went through when prego, turned out to be round ligament pains

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Go to the ER and a doctor from there will see you. Then inform your doctor’s office you went to the er on this date and request for the medical notes/documents from that hospital.

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Go to the ER.
And if it’s not labor, start seeing a physical therapist.

Sounds like round ligament pain…normal but extremely painful. It could also be Braxton hicks or early labor…go get checked, just to be sure

Definitely call your doc. The pains are probably from everything spreading out. My whole body hurt during pregnancy. Esp if your small framed. The baby could be sitting on a nerve. Happened to a friend and she was bed bound and I’m so much pain. Sending good vibes your way! Your gonna be a great mom :heart::blue_heart::gift_heart:

Go to a chiropractor if you find there’s nothing wrong! I hope you feel better

Get checked out immediately.

Ask your doctor or midwife, not Facebook.

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Try harder to get in touch with the doctor. Or emergency room.

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Yes, you need to be seen, for peace of mind if nothing else. Does your doctor not have someone to answer his phone at his office? His nurse could get in touch with him.

It sounds like round ligament pain and Braxton Hicks. Chug a bunch of water. My daughter sat on a nerve that would be super painful a lot of the times. I would still definitely keep trying to get a hold of your doctor. 

Anything health related like this needs to be taken up with your doctor or an ER, support and prayers are always okay but we are not doctors and cannot give you the right answer.

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Sounds like sciatica but see your doctor to be sure.


Go to the hospital to be seen.

Girl buckle up. Pregnancy is a pain. You’re at that stage where its all going to hurt.

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Go, go to your doctor, go to the or if needed. Don’t let anyone on face book Play Doctor. Your life any safety is worth more then that, ( your Babies too.) Best of luck.

I had the same issue when I was pregnant with my daughter I went in to get check it’s called sciatica nerve pain all they did was tell me to go to the pharmacy and get lidocaine patches to put on my back

Def go to ER to rule out any bad stuff!!


I’m at 33 weeks. That happens a lot. I lay on left side and drink water and it gets her off my hip and to stop pressing against my stomach in a painful way. This baby wants to press down or up a lot…has caused nerve pain in hip,hemorrhoids,and horrible back and stomach pain. Laying down is only way i get relief. It is time to start slowing down and laying around a bit more. Go to ER if drinking water and laying down on side for 20 mins doesn’t help. Last trimester is rough.

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I’d go get seen, could be signs of early labor.

It could be normal pains but it could be your kidney. I’d definitely go in and have it checked. Kidney infections are common during pregnancy but they can be dangerous.

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Sounds like sciatica tbh but always check with your health professional

Hips spreading and your body is getting ready to give birth.
Get checked out just to be sure and put your mind at ease.

The burning hip pain sounds like sciatica. I had it the entire pregnancy with my first.


Kidney stones are common… Braxton Hicks too…drink tons of water. Let your doctor know so they can advise you

That could be kidney pain in lower back on either the left or ride side. I have stones and get the pain when I have uti or stones etc or dehydrated. You need to leave a message at your dr describing where the pain is etc and even if they’re gone someone on call should be calling you tonight. Have them check for UTI asap also.

Umm. Please go get checked. The needing to go poop is a red flag to me

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You can call labor and delivery at your hospital. It is always safer to be seen rather than be sorry though… it could be normal Braxton hicks or something else. You won’t know until youre seen

Go to the emergency room asap


Need to see doctor or go to Urgent Care. You could have a kidney or urinary tract infection

you can’t get a hold of your GYN??? Time to find a new one & get to the ER NOW


Go get a pregnancy massage, sounds like pressure on your sciatic nerve as your joints and muscles loosen and move. Can get really painful

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Instead of taking risks; go to the ER


Round ligament pain. I had it really bad with my second :sob: it wouldn’t hurt to get checked out though. Better safe than sorry!!

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Could be anything. Constipation, kidney stones, appendicitis, uti… I had my first ever colitus flare up while pregnant. Don’t guess, call ur doctor or go to the er.

Ummm…the fact you feel like you have to poop is what has me worried.

Call the hospital ask to speak to a nurse about pregnancy pains.

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U need to go to the hospitol u sound like your in labor