Are VBACS safe?

OK so I had one emergency c-section with my first kid. Now I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd kid. I was going to try to do a vbac but due to other circumstances(gestational diabetes and baby over weight) it looks like I might have to have a second c-section. My 1st c-section was horizontal how will they do my 2nd c-section? Had anyone else had a vbac with similar situation and how did it turn out… doc said I have 70%of successful vbac but that was before we found out baby already over weight. I do Have a doctors appointment coming up but I’m pretty anxious and curious to know now any input would be great


I tried for a vbac but ended up having another csection. And yes they will do another smiley face if you have to have a csection

Its always horizontal

When I had mine they cut the same spot but it might depend on your doc. You’ll have to ask your doc

Ive had 3 Cs. I was gonna try for a Vbac but didnt labor with my 2nd. Then with my 3rd and last, I had GDB and my son was 10.15oz and he was via Cs too. I dont think they do vertical anymore. 2nd one, for me, was much easier than my 1st.

I’m cut up and down and they used the same incision for all 3 of my kids. Congratulations on the new baby

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I’ve had 3 c-sections and they used the same spot

I tried for a vbac and baby got trapped. I almost lost him. The incision on the outside was horizontal but they had to cut into both ways to free him. My boys were only 7lbs.
Even with this 2nd time was much easier.

My second c-section they used the same as my first which was horizontal and below my bikini line, my third, the doctor didn’t feel comfortable cutting that same spot because it was so low and all the scar tissue so he went about an inch higher, right on the bikini line. This one I assume they will use the same line as last.

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I had 2 c-sections and both were horizontal. They should try to use the same line.

Cut the same place but I had so many adhesions and scar tissue from my first that he pretty much had to do a tummy tuck and cut a big portion out

I also had 2 c-sections, one in Nov 2016 & one in Dec 2017. Both were horizontal & the OB used the same line.

I am in same boat with same problems but still Gonna Try for a vbac.csection is there as s back up…God will help us in anyway it ends up going down

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I had a c-section with my first. And with my secound she was bigger but i had a 70% success rate and i had a vbac with her

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They will just do it the same.

My second one was actually easier to recover from.

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I’ve had 2 successful vbacs, most recent was 14 months ago and I also had gestational diabetes. I didn’t have to take insulin, just diet controlled. My baby weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. Plus, I was induced because it was recommended that with gestational diabetes, you don’t become overdue.
Definitely ask your Doctor about the vbac, most times if there’s any uncertainty, they wouldn’t risk it. Good luck, Mama!

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Search for vbac pages on fb, lots of women vbac “big babies”

I have 4 hip to hip and 1 belly button down (he was a major emergency) …they usually use the same spot

Join this group mama, so many women have vbacs with gd and babies that are “too big”. Great vbac support group, helped me rock mine