Are you comfortable with your man having female friends outside of at work?***help**

are you comfortable with your man having a female friend(coworker) that he talks to daily,not just work?i have insecurities due to being cheated on previously so i have my guard up but apparently shes asked him if "i know about them talking alot because she didnt wanna seem like the "side girl"not quite sure how to take that.i want so bad to be ok with them because he seems to like her for a friend but i cant seem to let myself be ok with it…i get emotional and upset…but then he calls me controlling and says he cant have friends and has to hide stuff from me because i blow things out of proportion.its just my insecurities but he doesnt understand…i also had my 1st baby 9 mos ago.i think shes into him but he claims no.

No, he works with women and that is one thing. It doesn’t bother me. But he does not need new female friends lol