Are you going on vacation this summer?

I am torn on what to do. We normally take a vacation every summer and didn’t last year due to COVID. I know things are kind of finally starting to open back up, but I am still nervous about taking our family vacation this year. I don’t want to keep missing out on life but at the same time I do not want to be irresponsible either.


We are going this year. My husband is military and we miss out on so much as it is. We are just going to take precautions.

We are! Live life, do outdoors stuff.

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You can’t stop your life because of covid its not going anywhere this is something everybody is gonna need to learn how to deal with covid


Definitely. We’re going camping next weekend.

Just got back from Key West, stayed gone for a month. Go for it. Live life while you ate alive.

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Camping! The ultimate social distancing vacation!

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dont let tje covid karend ruin your summer
go out and live life and enjoy yourselves
we go out all the time even maskless,not even sorry


Cancun in June. Take the trip. Live life.

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Yes we are. Across country for 2 weeks to see family

Tomorrow is never promised

We took a family trip in November, and have plans to take another family trip in June. I have also traveled 3 other times and DH has traveled 2 times in the past year.

We’ve just taken the same precautions out of town as we do in town with some extra hand sanitizer lol jk But it’s honestly nice. We go to hotels and there’s no one around. We get exclusive pool time because only 1 family/group at a time and people are way more considerate in public by keeping their distance in most cases.

Don’t let covid stop you. You have kids. Let them enjoy life. Don’t let nothing. And no one stop you from trying to make your kids happy. They deserve to have fun. They still kids. You wanna see them happy.


We went camping last year and will do the same this year. Once the majority is vaccinated then we will start traveling again.

Also, I commend you on wanting to be responsible. There is an end to this, like every other disease/pandemic, and the more people that do their part instead of live selfishly, the quicker that end will come.


Personally we aren’t traveling more than 3 hours away but either way there’s risk no matter what so I say do it

We sure are. Multiple camping trips and a 10 day myrtle beach camp trip in July.

We are ! I have booked 3 camping trips.

Absolutely. We already traveled out of state last July, October and last month. So we def will thks summer also

We went on vacation last year and it was great. Virginia was actually better with COVID protocols compared to where we live. I actually felt very safe. Don’t let such scary times stop your memories

Find a quiet place to go camping, go Monday-Thursday. Bring what you need to tidy up the outhouse door and seats, and your own toilet paper. You get a vacation, but without other people. (Or at least minimal other people.)

Do something different this summer. Just switch it up. Maybe stay at a cottage or something that’s a little closer to home base ect…

We went camping 3 times last summer at our usual spot. Doing it again this summer. Went to a few hotels last year also. Places take extra precautions

We took 2 trips last year and im sure we’ll be taking a few this year. We rent air bnbs and just stick to ourselves

We just went on vacation over Spring Break. We eent to a beach, but it was pretty easy to socially distance. We wore masks all the time except when we were distancing. We didn’t eat in any restaurants unless they had outdoor seating. We wiped our entire hotel room down and the housekeepers never came in. I would say go and continue to practice responsible practices like mask wearing and social distancing. It’s doable!

We had a cruise booked that was canceled so that’s not going to happen for us and the thing thing would be Disney but the parks been filled at capacity. I think will just do long weekend trips not to far from home until the covid rates start to drop again seeing I don’t want to book anything and than watch it get canceled.

If you want to travel and have family vacations then do it. But remember not everyone gets a family vacation every year or even every 5 years - so kids might be missing out according to you but to others they aren’t.
If you don’t feel comfortable going places then do something fun in your community I’m sure there’s fun stuff to do there even if it is super tourist-y kids have fun doing that.

We went last year and we are booked again for this year :dancer:t4: Ocean City here we come :beach_umbrella: :ocean:

You don’t have to go somewhere extravagant to have a vacation! Rent a cabin and spend time at a lake nearby. Go take hikes. Rent a hotel for a couple days (away from where you live but maybe still close) with a pool and hot tub and stay there. Go shopping and out to eat.
I’ve visited family in another state 3 times since the beginning of the pandemic. I wear a mask. I use hand sanitizer and wash my hands every chance I get. I also stay away from big crowds. You can be careful but still have fun :grin:

Were going to the beach in may. We didn’t travel to see my family and we didn’t go to the beach. My husband decided we were going this year.

I went camping last year and I’m doing it this year. Life is too short to live on pause for this long.

Yes. We are going on vacation. Taking the kids to the beach…once in spring when get out of school and once during summer right before go back. Shouldn’t live in fear. Plus…we had Covid last year…wasn’t that bad for us. Been taking elderberry ever since and haven’t been sick all year. Built up immunity. Might as well travel. Even if didn’t have immunity…I wouldn’t stay home any longer. Been a year.

Yes already booked! Going to s carolinia again this year! Dont let fear rip you apart. My husband caught covid couple of weeks ago. I lived in same house breathed the same air…never got it ! ( tested twice)
I was careful and kept cleaning surfaces and hands! The mask did me in more than my husband got respiratory infection! Good luck! Live life!

stay home wear masks, people are still dying

There are ways to travel and be safe. Think driving, being outdoors, though national parks may be extra busy. Try more out of the way places with outdoor sights until enough people get vaccinated. Wear masks, social distance, eat outdoors or order to go.

I’ve stayed in hotels and felt safe because they were taking lots of precautions, plus fewer people are staying in them. E.g.: touch less check-in/out, enforced mask wearing, distancing, spraying hallways with disinfectant, enhanced room and common area cleaning, coffee/tea on request at the front desk vs urns out in the lobby, only booking every other room, only 2 people to an elevator, pools and gyms closed or use at your own risk, packaged individual breakfast bags handed out instead of buffets, hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere, etc.Check web sites or call to ensure safety.

Last summer someone in my “bubble” rented house in semi-rural Kentucky in the land between the lakes resort area, & we all went, cooked and ate in, ordered to go or ate outside, did outdoor sights (drive through bison/elk preserve, native animal nature center, drove around the area), rented a big boat, swam in a lake maskless as no one else was near us, played games, worked puzzles on some rainy days etc.

Have fun!

Yes we didn’t travel either: we had a baby less than a year still and financial hardships plus COVID so we stuck to camping. But we are venturing out this summer and going to take a small 4 day trip to the UP in Michigan to stay at an air bnb and do some nature exploring. This is option still feels safe and feels like a get away.

My boyfriend and I went to Puerto Rico in February… and are going to Florida with all four kids next week :tipping_hand_woman:t2: we’ve done some small weekend trips with the kids as well. Covid isn’t going anywhere, don’t miss out on fun memories with your family. Wear masks. Wash your hands. Social distance. Whatever makes you comfortable, and go.

We went to nyc a week ago. We had a great time too!