As a mom, what is your hobby?

My hubby keeps telling me to find a hobby. I have never really found one. So what do moms do for hobbies on their own time ?


I have a saltwater aquarium. It’s been my secret to calming on very bad days. My sanity. Yes it’s hard to start but once it’s running it’s super easy.


I don’t have me time… I work and have a kid and pets and a husband… are we supposed to have time for ourselves? If so I missed that message lmao


I just started volunteering at the local wildlife refuge


I too have this issue, not just a “hobby” but something that releases endorphins.

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I make beautiful jewelry, body oil, anointing oil, home spray. You do what you love and are passionate about, the rest will follow.

Do you have kids, volunteer at your local animal shelter, or do puzzles at home, or if you have a car do a lift or other car ride program part time, it gets you out of the house, and a little extra income.

Take a really long really hot bath. Read, a lot. Cross stitch. Video games. I take my son hiking, but that isn’t an alone activity.

Color, make jewelry, yoga, dance, crafts, paint

Paint, read, go to a new food joint, sleep :rofl:

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Homeschooling is my hobby.

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It should definitely be doing more of what you love. It’s a self care thing. When my kids were younger I decided to go back to school with mostly online classes. You can take all kinds of classes from art to specific types of history to science. I also volunteered at the local animal shelters. Photography is really fun to me so I’ve always dabbled with it. Refinishing furniture and the house is a big thing for me. But now, I mostly craft since I can’t do much anymore.

gardening, i absolutely love it. i have butterfly garden as well as experiments with food growing :yum: I love getting lost in my garden.

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Personally I love to scrapbook!

I have an iPad so I play games and watch tv. My 3 year old is pretty good and playing alone and sometimes using me as a jungle gym lol

Why is he telling you that? Whatever you enjoy, do more of that.

My first love was always dance. I either went to classes or rehearsals, then transitioned to working on my own at a gym some nights after the kids were in bed or when they had kid care hours.

Reading. I absolutely love to read. I also play on my switch and play games on my phone.

I sew for friends and family and make some spare change doing it.

Starting crafting projects and never finishing them :rofl:

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When i have the energy and time which is rare I read, bake, do photography, draw, dance, play basketball, play guitar and sing. Anything you enjoy can be considered a hobby. A lot of the time when I do get a me moment I just take a bath and get a little extra sleep lol

I crochet amigurimi (stuffed animals)


When my kids were little I sewed,and took outside pictures,I would take my kids to a park and they would play and took oictures

I play video games, read and 3D printing. You should always do stuff you enjoy

I started crocheting… I’m making everyone purses right now

Working out , baking , reading crafting. Anything you enjoy that can be considered some you time

Does working and driving my kids everywhere count? :woman_shrugging::joy:


Crochet and bake/cook. Watch videos of other people baking and cooking lol.

This is so random, but I use to take photos of graves for people that live far away. It is a website called People send request for photos for graves of people in local cemeteries. You go find the grave for them, take photos, and then you upload the photos onto the website. There are sooooo many request.


I have all sorts of succulents

i like to sew outfits for my kids, play sims, watch tv, take naps, watch tv.

I had my plants, started watercolor painting, refinished furniture, and sewed many things. It was my sanity break with 3 kids!

Exercising self care and meditation walking

I currently crochet but want to start sewing too. I have other hobbies on rotation like macrame, embroidery, and gaming. Not a hobby but necessity lol cooking is something I do enjoy like trying new recipes