As a mother, how do you find time to lose weight?

How do you mamas find the time/energy/brainpower to keep track of calories and try to lose weight? Ever since having my second baby last year, I just feel like my brain is on overload, and every time I try to keep up with it, it feels like just one more thing to keep track of. ONE MORE THING. Everything is just one more thing to have to take care of and my brain goes “this one you can let fall to the wayside. You’re overwhelmed. It’s okay”. How do you do it?


Keto was my lifesaver… I don’t have time to cut or count calories and I’m not making a separate meal for my family. I purged my pantry of the processed foods and now I eat clean. Meats, veggies, rarely dairy. Hubby and I have lost a combined 200 lbs. Not saying it’s for everyone, but it’s worked for us.


My little one is on the go so much I can’t find time to eat totally not healthy but lost all the baby weight

After my second I didn’t find time to lose weight, just didn’t have time to eat :joy: I basically just had a snack mid morning and ate dinner and that was it. Lost 50 lbs but it took about 9 months.

I use the my fitness pal app.

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My diet is a no-brainer. I just make sure carbs are no more than 50 grams a day. No sugar. Lots of veggies. Higher good fat, some protein. Only eat between 12 pm and 8 pm (intermittent fasting), lots of water. No calorie counting. Exercise whenever I can; not daily. Dropped 33 lbs since the beginning of July. Can’t imagine ever going back! 176 lbs - 143 lbs.

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The 2 things that saved me were 1. meal prepping and 2. getting to the gym at 5:15 am and getting home before my hub left for work. I just use the rule 75% plant based on my plate and 25% of whatever works!

If you really want it you’ll find a way and make time. I made so so many excuses until one day I actually truly wanted it. Anyone can find 30 minutes a day to work on themselves. As for nutrition just try to make the healthiest choices possible, doesn’t have to be extreme. Small changes add up to HUGE results. Ive lost and kept off 80 pounds. When I first started I had a one and a half year old and a newborn. Motivation and self discipline and taking it one day at a time is all it takes! You can do it.


If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be around or possibly have health issues that prevent you from doing things with kids. Not easy to do but you have to find time for yourself.

I stick to a Paleo diet and I use Myfitnesspal, which is super easy to use.

As for working out I occupy the kids with something next to my treadmill and go at it. I’m adding barre next week and the kids can do that with me, it’s a mix of working out and ballet.

It takes commitment to diet and exercise. So it’s really all about how much you’re willing to work on it.

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I don’t count calories I just try to eat a healthy diet. I allow my self to eat things I like in moderation or a healthier version. I do the 30 day shred to lose weight and just kept up with it. I also added doing squats every time I go to the bathroom every other day. And then push-up on the tub every other day. You have to make the time if you want to lose weight and keep it off. That’s why I started with something intense for 30-60 days and then found a way to maintain it after I lost the weight. I have strayed since I had my daughter a year ago so I have to get back to it.

Stop trying to diet.
Remember to eat.
Everything in moderation is okay, don’t cut stuff completely out.
Drink only water.
Use a measuring cup to help with portion size.
I just started doing zumba songs with my girls on youtube, there’s some really cute ones.
It’s helpful!

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For the mental state, I listen to Phit and Phat podcast. She really just makes you think differently about yourself, your food, and all the excuses (she cusses ALOT, forewarning)

I use the Jillian Michaels app for meal planning and home workouts. It is $15 a month. She has 7-8 different diet plans and gives weekly grocery lists. It really takes the work out of finding healthy meals. There is about 20 different home work outs. I use the quick and easy plan and spend about $100 a week on groceries for 3. I started the 365 workout plan, and really changed my endurance and strength. Currently doing her second trimester workout program (4 months along right now)

I use MyFitnessPal as wells this is a years long habit. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary with the other two.

The biggest thing is finding something that works for YOU. If you have to suffer and struggle, are you really going to keep at it? Some people love keto, some people love weight watchers, some love weight lifting, other like 5ks. Don’t be afraid to fail. (This is really where the podcast helps)

My current situation is I’m too busy to eat :sweat_smile:
But seriously just make the only available foods in your home a healthier option and that’s a good place start. Makes veggies the priority at meal time is pretty simple too. Ie make sure to serve a salad as a meal one night and as a side another. Get mixed nuts instead of chips.

if you can find a way to get like an hour to yourself… even a half hour of exercise at a gym or doing bodyweight exercises at home will do you wonders.

I pay a personal trainer and have a sitter for my nights with her. I realize how much privilege I have to be able to do this. but I encourage you to find a support system that allows you to have some time alone to dedicate to this. it is possible with the right support.

I lost weight by dancing to The Wiggles with mine, or playing in the park.

Get a treadmill and a TV… I lost 65 lbs walking 3.5 miles 5 days a week. (I also only drank water or tea and tried to eat better) It took about 45 mins per day…thats time I would’ve been watching TV anyway.

The only reason why I do it is because I have to make time for me. Its so important to take care of yourself and fuel your body with good energy so you can take care of your babies. I to made up every excuse in the book but after seeing my mom for years not taking care of herself and finally watching it catch up to her with an over abundance of health problems (she will only be 50 in December), it scared me straight. Currently I’m pregnant with my 2nd child so I’ve been maintaining the weight that I lost but before that I was just watching what I was eating and lost 20lbs in less then a month just by clean eating and little to no exercise. Its hard but if you cut the carbs, sugar, and salt you will drop the weight in no time.

Stop buying crap. Substitute! Instead of sodas, sparkling water (no sugar or aspartame), plain yoghurt + fruit (fresh or frozen) or a touch of honey or maple syrup vs. flavored yoghurt. Fresh fruit for dessert & stop buying sweets. Spaghetti squash or zoodles vs spaghetti. Brown vs white rice, pasta, & bread, sweet vs white potatoes & eat tiny portions. Air popped popcorn & stop buying chips. Baked potato or tortilla chips or Sun Chips if you must, & limit portions.

Eat fruit vs drinking fruit juice, or dilute fruit juice (4-6 oz max) with water. Bonus: saves you from diabetes. Have water bottles handy everywhere & drink water before you eat anything.

Eat more plant protein & less meat (we don’t need those growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides). Buy organic meats & use more like a garnish. Eat more fish. Bonus: you’ll save money! Season with spices, lemon or other fruit juices, balsamic vinegar, or Worcestershire sauce, vs BBQ or other sweet caloric sauces. Use plain Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream. Clear soups vs cream soups.

Just avoid the bakery & snack aisles at the store & processed foods aisles & stick to the perimeter—whole foods fresh or frozen when possible. If it’s not in the house you can’t eat it.

Stop buying bread. If you must, get a 100% whole grain loaf & freeze all but 4 slices, 1 slice per day is your limit. Use romaine lettuce leaves to wrap or hold your sandwiches. Use mustard instead of mayo & don’t add cheese to meat sandwiches. or meat to cheese sandwiches, but always add lots of lettuce and tomato & onions if you like. Keep whole grains & lots of veggies in the house. Eat at-home burgers w/o buns.

Stop eating traditional fast food. Panera, Cava, Sweetgreen are better & still quick. Get unsweetened iced tea & salads @ fast food if you must. Maybe the smallest # of nuggets.

When dining out, fill up on soups & vegetables, eat all veggies, get a carry out container & put 1/2 or more of the carbs & protein on your plate in it before you even start eating. Add veggies and fruit and use the leftovers for other meals.

Skip dessert. Drink coffee black or with skim milk, or enjoy decadent herbal or black teas. Think of Starbucks as dessert & enjoy only on rare occasions.

Make it easy to eat well. Organic vegetable soups in cans, or make your own with leftovers in bouillon or broth from a box & toss in frozen veggies, greens & beans. Have canned green beans, beets, other colorful veggies handy to add to meals. Get pre-made salads + add extra greens. Buy cut up fruits & vegetables so they’re handy for snacking. 90-second whole grain microwave packets (quinoa, farro, brown rice) are easy. Have a bag/box of frozen mixed vegetables and chopped spinach, and cans of beans handy & toss some in everything. Salsa is low cal & can be used in any recipe calling for chopped onions & tomatoes. Also toss salsa & chopped spinach in scrambled eggs & omelettes. Eat less cheese. Think of it as dessert (like in France). Have small portions of great cheese for dessert. Get the sharpest cheddar, Parmesan & blue cheese so you get more flavor & can use less.

Make a pot of hot cereal & put in single portion containers with banana slices & freeze to have handy for anytime meals or snacks. Skip sugary cereals, waffles & pancakes. Buy whole grain frozen waffles with flax seed if you must & eat one plain or with warm applesauce. Plain regular Cheerios & Chex are OK as snacks.

Double the vegetables and halve the meats and carbs in recipes. Add cayenne pepper for a kick.

Be active with your child: take the stroller out daily for walks or runs, do yoga or put on music and dance w your baby (or pop in a kids activity DVD), toss a ball, run around outside, stretch as you do housework. Who needs to use weights when you’re always picking up your child?

No magic bullet, you just have to do it. Eating & moving on a regular schedule & following good habits will make it easier over time. Bonus: the stuff that gets the weight off makes you healthier & gives you more stamina & a longer life too.

I don’t know. I’ve always been interested in eating healthy and exercising.

I have 4 kids so between really not eating and chasing them all day everyday. I stay pretty fit all year round. Tired as crap but worth it.