As a mother, how do you find time to lose weight?

How do you mamas find the time/energy/brainpower to keep track of calories and try to lose weight? Ever since having my second baby last year, I just feel like my brain is on overload, and every time I try to keep up with it, it feels like just one more thing to keep track of. ONE MORE THING. Everything is just one more thing to have to take care of and my brain goes “this one you can let fall to the wayside. You’re overwhelmed. It’s okay”. How do you do it?

I wake up super early (about 5-6 depending on the day) leave the kids at home with the husband (they are all still sleeping) and go to the gym. Just something to get away and do for myself. It motivates me and gives me energy for the rest of the day. And no, I’m typically not a morning person so starting it with a workout gets me going.
And keeping track is up to you! If you are staying away from processed foods, sugars. Eating your veggies then just do the best you can :heart: baby steps. I hate tracking calories too.

I have a 10 month old & my husband goes to work at 4am I wake up at 4:30 & workout at home in the living room while my baby sleeps then get ready for work. I do portion control & beach body workouts as well. It’s helped me out a lot! My goal is to get back to my pre pregnancy weight

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