As a mother, how do you find time to lose weight?

How do you mamas find the time/energy/brainpower to keep track of calories and try to lose weight? Ever since having my second baby last year, I just feel like my brain is on overload, and every time I try to keep up with it, it feels like just one more thing to keep track of. ONE MORE THING. Everything is just one more thing to have to take care of and my brain goes “this one you can let fall to the wayside. You’re overwhelmed. It’s okay”. How do you do it?


Calorie counting, get a treadmill and wait for the LOs nap time… ive been eating smaller portions, walking fast for 30 mins and drinking lots of water for a week now

I take my kids to school and no matter what I have going on that day I make sure to give myself 1.5 hours of walking with friends at a local track after school drop off. Some of them have babies they bring along and push in a stroller. It’s taken me a super long time to realize that I have to look out for me and walking and being in the sunshine helps so so much! I’m a single mom of a 6 and 4 year old boys and that’s my time for adult interaction. I didn’t realize how much I missed that. Now when it gets cold here in Bama I’m going to join a gym. A lot of gyms provide daycare. Check into that.

Eat veggies, fish, no sodas, choco, ice cream or pasta

I can’t do it , I just watch what I put in my mouth hole…lol

You get to eat? :rofl::rofl::rofl: I feel I could probably loose weight if I didn’t wait until after 9pm to have a nice quiet dinner by myself :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Herbalife I started in June and have lost 20 lbs since, I do it a little different from they way they say to, I do a shake for breakfast, tea and a normal lunch with my kids( I’m a stay at home mom that only works weekends for a few hours) then another shake at dinner with a small snack, I do shakes at those times cause those are the meals I tend to eat high carb foods cause they are when the kids are monsters. Also having a close friend as a coach has helped me stay on track

I started to right the right food and less of them I also go to the gym like 6 days a weeks I feel likes it’s more about how big your plate is and eating healthier not so much about cutting out everything you like the best way to burn belly fat and fat in general is cardio with compound exercises