At our anatomy scan, the doctor said some of my sons brain was 2 weeks behind: Has this happened to anyone else?

Hello! We had our anatomy scan at 21 weeks and everything looked good except part of his brain, the cerebellum, was measuring 2 weeks behind. The doctors didn’t have much to say but wanted us to see a specialist. We have an appointment a week from now but my googling and my anxiety are getting the better of me. Any mamas have similar experience? And how did everything work out for you and your little one.


My advice is to stay off google!!
Let the specialist have a look and tell you what you need to know. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s for your sanity!


My daughter measured 4 weeks behind , she came on the date i said she would at a lil over 5lbs perfect just small.


I had this happen too. We induced 2 weeks early due to my health, but baby is 3 months old now and all is well.

Prayers for peace for you and a healthy baby!


When you see the specialist have them check for Chari Malformation.

At my anatomy scan it came back I was high risk for Down’s Syndrome. I had numerous tests and it was done to a 1 in 10 chance. My daughter is 6 now and absolutely perfect and excelling in school. I agree about staying off the internet. Just rest & watch some tv where you don’t have to think too much. :heart:

Dont ever google. My first ultra sound which happened to be my anatomy scan came with some scary news. They said my son was missing part of his frontal lobe . That we had to see a specialist asap. I went and set a apt up. Waited with my anxiety freaking me out. Go to it and go through what it could be to finally have a good ultra sound to find out my son was perfectly healthy. I blame it on my having coffee right before my ultrasound

First of all…stop googling lol you will drive yourself crazy…
At my daughters scan they said she had a cyst on her brain and a hole that hadnt closed yet…went to a specialist a few times and everything ended up fine… shes almost 3 now and perfectly healthy. Prayers up!

My son had an issue with his brain. Not this specific problem though, so I don’t have any experience with this. But, for your sanity, stay away from Google. I searched about my son’s issue and scared myself very badly. I was such a nervous wreck. My son’s issue eventually resolved on its own. Just wait for your specialist appointment and go from there. Prayers for you and your little one.

Never GOOGLE ANYTHING! They told me the last 2 months of my pregnancy that my son’s head was measuring way smaller than his body size and I googled that shit and cried for 2 months. Thank God I only googled it once cuz if I would have dug deeper I would have lost my damn mind. He’s a healthy beautiful baby boy. My youngest of 3 the worst pregnancy of my life and not one damn thing went as planned or hoped for especially him being born a week and a half early and deciding to crash his sister’s golden birthday! But it’s done over snd he’s here

Yes stop googling!! My ultrasound showed a mark on my son’s heart and I had to wait 4 weeks for an appt with a specialist and googled and drove myself crazy to find out everything was perfectly fine with him.

They told me my daughter had a cyst or tumor on her brain… she is a healthy 7 and a half year old with zero health issues! The doctors seem to sometimes speak too soon! Keep your head up! It will all be ok! Try not to stress, it makes thing worse!

Are you absolutely positive that they have the correct due date? If they do have the correct due date to be honest it does not sound good. I would prepare myself for some not good news emotionally. Try to stay as calm as possible until you go see the specialist you follow what they suggest to do probably further testing( genetic testing) and figure out your game plan after you have received the results. Think about it this way whatever the come is that is your baby you love your baby nothing is going to change that. Just do what you feel best in your heart as a mother for your baby with the dad’s input if he’s in the picture.


At our first ultrasound, they told us our sons heart and stomach were flipped around (on the wrong side of his body) and they sent us to a womans hospital 10 hours away for an appointment 2 days later. I was a nervous wreck and bawled like a baby when they did the ultrasound and told us everything looked just fine and were where they were suppose to be.

I’m telling you this because sometimes ultrasounds/techs can be very wrong. I dont have experience with your specific situation but i just wanted to tell you I know how you are feeling and have your family in my thoughts :heart::heart:

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The same thing happened to us with my daughter with the cerebellum and even recommended we have an abortion. We didn’t. It wasnt until the 2 or 3 more ultrasounds that we were told she was perfectly fine. She is now 4 and super healthy! The Fear of a Mother – Pregnancy Scare

Don’t ever Google, ever. You’ll end up thinking the worst

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Ive heard that before but the brain will catch up with the growth so dont worry until you know any different.

The dr told my cousin that her baby was dead! He wanted to take the baby , she wouldn’t let the dr because she was still feeling the baby move! She had a perfectly normal baby!

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I don’t know a whole lot about the brain but I do know my son’s cord had an anomaly that I learned about at his 20 week ultrasound. They told me it could cause all of these issues and I was so scared, then his abdomen was measuring small and it kept getting measured smaller until it was only in the 3rd percentile at the end of my pregnancy. I was induced and he was perfectly fine when he came out, weighed 7lbs, and all of the stress was for nothing! I know ultrasounds are not perfect, and can be very off. There’s no point in stressing, it’s better for you and your baby if you stay calm and trust God that everything will be okay.

Some scans can be wrong. The Dr told my daughter the baby had down syndrome so she had to go see a specialist. That Dr was wrong. He is a very happy very healthy very athletic almost 8 year old now.

Don’t even bother with the appt. Babies grow at different rates and he could have your due date off by 2 weeks or more. Not a concerning thing. Also, ultrasounds can ve off by pounds when measuing so also not a reason to worry. Doctors like to scare moms. It’s why I’ll always go with a midwife every time


And remember that your experience may not be the same as others!

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Give it to God and STOP the googling lol prayers for you hun

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DON’T GOOGLE SYMPTOMS. You will only find the worst thing there is out there. Wait to see what happens you got a find out probably not anything near as bad as what Google leads you to believe

Worrying doesn’t help or change anything. Enjoy your pregnancy. Always be prepared for the worse, but hope for the best. Be calm Momma your baby senses your anxiety. Breathe, let go of Google and overthinking. :heart:

Stop doing tests!!! Whatever your SUPPOSED TO HAVE, YOU WILL HAVE… we never did a single test and 2 beautiful sons… my other sibs did and all the tests came back a bunch of awful things… all babies were born absolutely perfect and still no problems!! Seriously people just stop!!

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My son’s head was on the big side. Still is he had to get a head MRI and everything 2x . Once when he was a few weeks old and again around 1 and a half. And everything was fine. He does have autism but I doubt that has anything to do with his head size. But again I wish you luck!

At my anatomy scan the back of my sons brain was smaller than it was supposed to be we went back a week later for a follow up and it was back on track again I give birth in 4 weeks or less so hopefully everything is in place prayers for your little one I wish the best for you and your baby

I did with my daughter. I saw MFM due to having a high risk pregnancy and her head measured small most of the pregnancy. They just did a couple of extra scans around 35 weeks. They told me that some babies have a growth spurt towards the end and catch up.

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Its all your choice but I’d stay off google, it’ll give you extra anxiety you don’t need. Also stay calm. Worrying a little should be normal and get the tests/scans done.

Hang in their mama…God is in control and no matter what happens u will be the best mama to your baby.

I pray everything is okay :pray: