Autism and Family

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Months ago my SO made an apt for my step daughter to get her checked for Autism or ADD. Him and his baby mama spoke to the dr and they told them she is fine. She never met with her child, spoke, seen or interacted with her about this. I’ve asked him to seek a specialist. It’s not months I’m overwhelmed with her.
I’m with her 7 days a week 24/7

What should I do??

I would request to ask what doctor they both spoke with. If the doctor hasn’t seen the child it’s not the correct doctor. We are going through the same stuff right now. We say the regular PCP. Got the referral next were seen by a APRN, who specializes in child psychology. She opened the doors to a speech therapist who does ADOS testing, state testing for Autism/ADD as well as a child psychologist. That’s 4x different ppl only to get tested not to know results to our own child. You might need additional help and testing beyond that, those first tests help steer them in a direction. Some docs want to wait we had to in the beginning since they are reluctant to label a child, however, developmental delays can help you get respite as a caretaker. Ours in now in special needs preschool, which gives me time off. 7 days a week no respite can be hard. Especially of the kid is on the spectrum or otherwise. Other therapies can also be recommended and help. I’d try asking who the doctor was and also try to see if you can be present next time. Most time they ask what kind of behaviors is the child displaying if their super young and if the parent that is watching them 24/7 isn’t present then the facts can get misstated.

Good luck. I hope this helps.