Average weight for a 6 year old?

What is an average weight for a 6 year old boy?


My six year old son weighs 57 lbs

My 6 year old son is 52lbs

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My 5yr old (april) is 53lbs

Around 20kgs seems pretty average

My 5 year year old is 32lbs and he is healthy as a horse.

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My almost 6 year old son is 50lbs

My son is 48lbs and is around the 50 percentile for weight

My son is around 45 pounds.

My 5 year old is 38 lbs will be 6 in November. Healthy and smart!

There isn’t an average. All kids grow differently. My son was 35-40lbs when he was 6. My youngest daughter was probably smaller than that. She was 25lbs at 4. There are charts where you can compare height and weight but healthy looks different for different kids.

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Mine at 6 was 46 inches and 56 pounds. Today at 7 he is 50 inches and 61 pounds. Depends on the kid and how much is muscle weight too.

Mine is 52lbs and 3’11. But his dad is 6ft 270lb biker dude

My 6 year old boy is 47lbs and my others were about the same. I have 5 boys.

My 6 year old daughter weighs 62 pounds and is right over 4 ft tall.

My 7 yr old daughter is 58 pounds

Average height and weight is about 45 inches and 45 pounds.


My 5 year old son is around 52 pounds

My son is 7 and is 57 Ibs.

My 6 year old is 70 lbs and 48.5 in.

My six year old weighs 32 pounds! Shes very short as well but, healthy as can be! She was a month premature and has always been tiny.

My 6 yr old boy is between 34-40lbs. We haven’t weighed in awhile😂
But this isn’t a Facebook question… this is a question for your physician and if you have any concerns you need to consult them.

That would be dependent on height and genetics etc


My daughter will be 6 in November and she’s 50lbs, shes also 3’11 :woman_shrugging:t2: All kids are different


My girl just turned 7 this summer, she’s 75 lbs. was 70 when she was 6. Not a boy obviously… but there’s no average weight. Healthy is what matters.

My daughter at 6 weighed around 32 lbs I was worry and scared her daughter told me she was healthy and she would have gain weight when she ready she was my skinny girl she 26 now she tall and not fat not skinny while grown up she was just a thin girl

Wow my son just went yesterday for his yearly checkup and he is 78#s idk what its supposed to be but my boy is in the 100 percentile for hight and weight he is also 4’6 inches

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My 6 year old daughter weighs about 32 pounds


Mu 6yo daugther weights 52lbs

Our twins are 40 & 43 lbs- that being said they both have severe adhd & are medicated. The meds alter their appetite a bit, they’re both still at a healthy weight for their heights though.

Average would be about 45 pounds.

But a lot will depend on the curve the child is on and what their height is. Your kid’s pediatrician can let you know if they’re following the curve and if there’s any issues.

My son is a bit over 5 and a half and is around 40-41 lbs. He’s about 45 inches tall from what I remember, though I could be wrong there. He’s pretty much always been average for height and weight.

My 1st weighed 80 pounds when he was 6, my two younger ones at 7 and 8 weigh 70 pounds (MAX) all kids are different.


Consult your personal physician not Facebook


That depends on his height… you can look up healthy BMI charts for children.

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Weight is not a indication of health
A dr will tell you the info you need to know
Parents need to be careful in this territory


:roll_eyes: I think some of these posts are just for engagement. Posting then waiting for 100 different answers and finger wagging about something easily googled.


On average the weight for a 6 year old boy is between 36-60lbs. If you are under the care of a pediatrician they should be monitoring the height and weight of the child at each appointment and graphing that progress. If concerned about child’s weight it would be a great topic of discussion with pediatrician at next check up. If weight is low there is medications that can help enhance appetite to encourage proper weight gain. If you are concerned about weight being to high it’s a little more tricky as you have to be very careful not to cause a negative relationship with food or body image/confidence. Maybe see about setting up an appointment with a nutritionist and involve the child in all aspects of picking, purchasing and making more nutrient dense options. Just do not cut out any foods or use the terms bad, unhealthy or healthy as foods are not good or bad in and of themselves.


My 6 year old weighs 85 lbs

I think we need to remember everyone is built differently.
There is no certain requirement for each age. We have different body types

Every kid grows differently as long as they’ve stayed on track with there growth chart there isn’t an issue .

My 6 1/2 year old is 3’8 & 38lbs but she’s always been tiny

My 4yo daughter weighs 50 she was born 9.8

My 6 year old daughter weighs 95 pounds, and she’s healthy! 99th percentile for height and weight. Remember not every child grows the same 🫶🏻


My 6 year old is 4’11 and weight 59lbs red shorts

My son 6, he will be 7 on Sept 7th. He’s 74 pounds and 4’2

My 7 year old son is 37.5 lbs but has growth problems and my 5 year old daughter is 43.5 lbs

Totally depends on height, bone and muscle structure, and a lot of genetics. You can look up growth charts and it’ll give you a better idea based on the height of the child but it still won’t be totally accurate

Averages are not meaningful for parents. Determining a healthy weight for your child depends on several factors. If you are concerned about your child’s growth, consult their pediatrician. The standardized growth charts of averages are not very helpful in determining the health of individual children.