Baby boy name ideas?

Hellpp I’m almost due with a baby boy and I’m stuck on the name Layton for his middle name. But I still haven’t decided on a first name that goes well and isn’t too popular.


Lets hear your options gal

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James, Charles, Tyson, Graham, David, Douglas, Harrison

Ian popped in my mind with that middle name

They’re popular but Michael or Aaron sound good


Bruce? I’d go with a name that’s one syllable. Short and sweet.

Ezra. Avery. Maverick.

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I think it’s more of the first name going well with the last name.

Zander Layton … Don’t know if the last name would flow

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Luke layton sounds cute

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Kaiser, Chase, Hudson, Forrest, Jayce, Ryker…

Teagan, Michael,Brett, eugene, hunter

Axel, Ryker, Harley, Isaiah, Andrew, Erik, Holder, Theodore, Jasper, Kenneth, Oliver, Sawyer, Elias, Elliot, Brady, Joseph, Spencer, Drake, Denver, George, Michael, Nickolai, Tucker, Noah, Zayne

Trevor Layton, Seth Layton , Ian Layton, Preston layton

Maybe…wait until you SEE him…then decide what he looks like!


Michael, Ryse, Hunter, Jacob

John Layton, Connor Layton, Harry Layton, Aaron Layton, Silas Layton…

Avery, Angus, Bailey, Banks, Caden, Gauge, Sage, Tyde, Teddy, Kaiser, Mack, Luca, Ezra, Kash, Nash, Roman, Romeo, Valentine

Amos, Preston, Malachi, Lyle, Len, Kimber, Callum

Chase, Dean, Collin, Cruz, Beau, Beckett, Nolan, Brennan, Jace

Alexander Chrostopher Bryan Keith Maxwell Phillip Tyler Cameron Cole

James, Charles, Quentin

Farley (ode to Chris Farley)
Maxwell Layton
Lyle Layton
Jordon L
Jaxson L
Brody L
Brantley L
Bagley L
Baxley L
Pierce L
… need more?

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Layton is an old English name, so similar would be Alder, Aldrich, Alfred, Arley, Ballard, Beldon, Booth, Brent, Brewster, Brook, Burt, Calder, Cameron, Cedric, Cooper, Edmund, Guilford, Hadden, Halbert, Hallam, Hawthorn(e), Henley, Hunt, Kent, Knox, Marden, Marlow, Morven, Nash, Raymond, Reed/Reid, Remington, Ridley, Rowan, Rudyard, Seward, Sherwood, Spencer, Stokely, Trent, Tyne.

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Charles, Phillip, Jeffrey, Christopher

Christopher or Alexander

What’s your dads or grandfathers names or some one that’s important to you it won’t matter if it doesn’t really match it’s more about who’s important to you my sons name cody Andrew roy his grandpa n great papantonio uncle

Oliver Layton
Axel Layton
Chase Layton
Patrick Layton
Just what ever you do if you use JACKSON spelt with an X like JAXON or an E however you do it… DO NOT add an “S” with the X lol it’s my pet peeve :woman_facepalming:t2: the X makes the S sound. You do not need JAXSON. It’s pronounced
Jacksss-son spelled like that. Just use the X no S. LOL

Wyatt Layton, Kyle Layton , Carlton Layton , Gideon Layton , Albert Layton , Brian Layton , Charles Layton , Devin Layton Elam Layton , Fredrick Layton. , Gregory Layton ,

Kash Layton. Quincy Layton. Layton Wade

Daemon. Trevor. Kasey. Fredrick.

Alden, Camden, Evander, Gannon, Henry, Silas, Wyatt, Hollis, Brett, Dawson, Jace, Patrick, Kohl…

I had such a hard time picking boys names that I liked so I feel your struggle. Something that helped me was deciding on what meaning I wanted the name to have (I went with purity or similar), do you want a multi name name… For example Jonathan… Jonny John Jonathan… I wanted a three name name… And also the initials… I didn’t want my children to have the same initials as us or anything funny. So once I had those guidelines I started by considering family names… Then I turned to the internet. Now you sound like you have you heart set on Layton… Could that be considered the first name instead? If not now think of either a shorter name or a longer name than the middle name… It can’t have a similar sound or spelling…like no Clayton or greyson… I’ll give this a go… Abel, Benedict, Charleston, Emerson, Finnian, Finley, Harrison, Hemming, Liam, Quinn, Remmington, Stephan, Winston.

Zachary Layton,
Riley Layton,
Alexz Layton,
Skyler Layton
Dakota Layton

i also was going to say ryder

Gunner Layton
Jethro Layton

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Malachi. Micah. Emmanuel. Isaiah. Sebastian. Christian. Sterling.

Ethan, Dalton, Jayden, Marcus, Hayden