Baby boy name ideas?

My husband and I are expecting our 3rd son in October, and need help with a name! Our 4.5 year old is Vincent Ronald Levi, and his 2 year old brother is Conor Marius Alexander. Any suggestions? We like traditional, yet not too common :blush: So far, we have decided that the middle names for this one will be Geoffrey Stephen, but we need a first name that flows with the rest! Thanks mamas!


Geoffrey and Stephen same spellings are my husband and father. I totally support these names! Lol

Jason, Victor, Zachary

Steven. Andrew. Patrick. Daniel.

Landon adam nicholas James

Jeremiah Geoffrey Stephen

Walter or Kennith, Asbury just thinking of old traditional names…

James, Jarvis, Joseph, Jarod, Harold, Herman, Lucas, Lenard, Lawrence, Charles, Thiberious,

I have a Dominic. That would go well with Vincent and Conor I think! :wink: I’m bias though lol

William Geoffrey Stephen

Samuel Geoffrey Stephen

Benjamin, Bailey, Alexander

Liam (especially with 2 long middle names)

Jacob Jaxson Liam Layne Tyler Noah Mark Matt Hunter

Austin Aiden Alek Gabe Jason

allen, David, Mathew

Spencer, Noah, Remington, Garrett,Emerson, Mason, Brady, Weston, Ashton, Chase,

Kaius (ky-us) Xavier
Xander Mikael
Ryan Shane

KC, Xavier, Dakota, Hunter, Leman, Alex, Logan