Baby boy name ideas?

i am looking for unusual boys names that start with C or N we would like to stick with the c or n theme but my partner and i cant agree on any names thanks in advance xx


Cash is my oldest sons middle name , Chevy is my middle ones middle name . i love Nixon , Nolan as well

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i have Corson (we call him cory)

Nigel . Nixon. Nasir . Nile.

Nico… Not really that unusual but I like it

I went to school with a kid named Nesbitt.

I have a Nolin and Nikalous.

Caelin is my great nephew’s name :slight_smile:

My sons name is Kolden… you could spell it with a “C”

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One of my boys is named Carrick.

My son is Cash and my daughter is Charlee

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Caleb. Callen Clay Caldron Nagiel. Nassi. Nollen Nate


I named my 3rd son Carver…its my last name…

Corban, Camden, Cameron

Colton, Chet, Carl, Noah, Nash, Nelson

Colby, Colten, Chase, Chaz, Cori, Cadin, Cassieus, Crimson,

I’m naming my son Colt.

Newt like the guy from fantastic beast and where to find them . My son name is Logan like wolverine :smiley:

Clay, Colt, Cain/Kain, Cotton/Kotton, Caisen/Kaisen, Kylen/Kiylen, Klaus, Kieran.

I love the name crimson or cerulean,Cassius.Nion

Cohen, Cole, Nathan, nicala

My oldest son name is Cleo. It’s a old name. He was named after his great grandfather.

Creed… Niko… Nero… Cruze…crayven… Nesta… Callaway…note… Netty… Cassius… Nehemiah… Canaan

My sons’ names are Crosby and Nikolas (Niko for short)

My mom really likes ceipher

My son is Callum and my friend named her son Carter which we love too. There is also Calix/Calex/Kalix.

Carson case Nash neveah chase Chance Nixon nevi

Chester, caidin, clinton, colton, Chadwick

Corbin, Clyde, colt, Cruz, Nash, Navine, Niko

Colby is my son’s middle name

My son is named Carson

Cash, Nixon or Noxx, Caiden, Cole, Nash

Neal Nat Newman Cory

Cashton (cash for short)

Carter, Chase, Nick, Caden

Cane , Callahan I love!

My sons name is Carson

Cael, Caysen, Callan, Cain, Cian, Coen, Crew, or Nial

Carter ,caston, cyler

My son is Chaos Rainz

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Colton, Clyde,Dawson, Dakota.

Connor, Cornelius ( Nelly for short), cale, coven

Current situation I’m in! With a girls name that’s starts wit i​:bangbang: middle name M​:heavy_heart_exclamation: we won’t know gender til baby comes . I have my boys name - but no mutual agreements on girls :joy: I’m #TeamBoy ANYWAY :laughing::bangbang:

I have Casen and Coalson

My baby’s name is Colsen. I also like Cash or Cade

I have a Cooper and a Nash

Corbin, Cathan, Carson, Calum… Nolan, Nash

My little boy is called Nate

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Cason or Callahan
Nash, Nial, or Nico

Colton Henderson landon

My sons name is Corbin

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Callum, that’s my sons middle name :blush:

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Chad, Christopher, Charles (Charlie), Collum, Coen…

Norton, Nia,Neil, Norman, Norris,.Nathanial

Crawford is what we named our youngest

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Cloven is my sons name

Collyn or Nash or Noah


Conrad Nikolai Corbin Kalen Nathan

My nephews name is Callen

Conrad, Connor, Colin, Nestor

other nephew’s middle name is Nikita

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Carter for C
Nash for N

Connor, Cory, Calvin,Cash, Colton, Clayton

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Curtis, caleb, cort, nathan, nathial, nate,

My son is Cian we love it. It’s Irish and pronounced key in. We only personally know of one other Cian and he is a youtuber named Kindly Kian.

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My son’s name is Kalem but the traditional spelling is Callum I’ve seen Callem before as well.

Caden Colin Corey caper caspen Conner Carter cash
Nixon norey nethan noe Noah

My son’s name is Nevin

Cronin, Cade, Nicholas, Nicholi, Caleb, Caden/Caiden, Norman

Canaan, Canyon, Case, Carver, Craven

My son’s middle name is Clark. In 5 years, we haven’t met another kid named Clark. We’ve only ran into one other Jericho (his first name.)

Caleb. Chase. Cain. Casey. Cameron. Cairo.

Ciaran. Pronounced Kieran. The c version is the Gaelic spelling

Cayden, Cash, Cali, Carson

Nathaniel, Nate, Carson, Camron, Chance, Chase, Carlisle, Charles, Charlie, Norman, Nicholas

Cameron. Callan. Collin. Cody. Colby.

My sons name is cullin its Irish and means handsome

I know it doesn’t start with an N or C but I love Maverick

Carl Clark Nolan nick

How about Corby, Corbin channing,chason. For. N names Niko, Nieve.

I have a kaspen. Can be spelled caspen

I have twin boys now 18 their middle names are COLE and COLBY


My grandson nane is cruz

How did 2 people come up with Cosimo?!

Colt isnt common in my whole life I have only known 2 colts

My sons name is Charles Nicholas

I like Cole, Coby and Cain

Caidean, Cole, Nicholas, Norrie

Colt, , Creed, Caine.

Callan, Cullen. Nikoli, nevin

I have a nathan & k(c)aleb

Corbin, Calvin, Caden

Carter, Cade, Cayden, Camden.

Corvin and Carverton/Carvertyn were on my list