Baby food recipe ideas?

Looking for some recommendations on more types of baby food purees to make.

Also looking for recommendations for finger foods for my little one! FTM she is 10 months old and just starting to eat things like eggs, apples, and banana slices. What else can I start to give her? She only just in the last 2-3 started getting any teeth which is way we have waited on finger foods.

No I do not align with baby led feeding method and will not just give her whatever we eat, I also try to give her only all natural or organic foods to the best of my ability.

Thank you

I used this website when I fed my twin girls.

I bought a book called “cooking for baby: wholesome, homemade, delicious foods for 6-18 months”. It has so many recipes! For 9-11 months it has these. If you want the specific recipes feel free to pm me and I’ll send pics!

Bananas, blue berries and green beans pureed together was always my LO’s favorite.

Only baby food I fed my kids was beech nut

Little peas, chick peas, tiny cubes of tofu soaked in broth or apple juice or tomato sauce—whatever baby likes. Cooked cubed fruits (apple, pear, plum) or small or cut up berries, cut up watermelon, mashed potatoes, cooked oatmeal, hummus or baba ghanouj, cooked bits of eggplant or any kind of squash or cooked carrots.

My little man is 9 months and eats anything we eat minus a few things. Anything with a ton of seasonings or anything spicy he wont eat.