Baby girl name ideas?

Let’s vote on my daughters name I can’t decide:
Ellie Mae
Mila Grace
Sofia Grace


Ellie Mae sounds like a cow… I really like Sofia Grace tho!!!

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ellie mae sounds really nice

Ellie Mae sounds so damn cute, it flows so nicely

Mila Grace. I’ve always loved the name Mila. :purple_heart:

I like ellie mae might be cause that’s my middle name lol

I know two little girls with Sophia Grace, its a beautiful name.

How about Ellie Grace?

My daughter’s name is Ella mae. I think that name is beautiful.

My daughter is Sophia Grace!!! So im biased :grin:

I like Mila the most !

Ellie Mae or Sofia Grace

How about all three of them since you can’t decide Whitch one to vote for

Out of those choices I choose mila

Ellie mae! Love it i have a Phoenix Ophelia and a Olivia Catherine Eloise!

I like Ellie Grace :joy::heart:

Sofia Grace. It sounds prettier than the other two.

We have a Ellie Mae in our family. But her bio name is Eleanor mae

Mila Grace! Only cause Ellie Mae reminds me of the Ginnie Mae loans lol

Ellie mae reminds me of the Beverly hillbillies😂


Ellie grace & I also like Sofia grace

Sofia Grace :sparkling_heart: so cute

Mila Grace then Sofia Grace are my fave.

Yashu Vandhiny suggest

My daughters name is Eleanor Mabel, Ellie mae for short.

My vote would be Ellie Mae, my daughters name is Emma Mae!!

Our granddaughters name is Ellyna Marie Grace we call her Elly! Ellyna means bright light!

Every Mila I’ve met to date is a rock star of a kid! I vote mila grace although I like Mila Mae too.

Ellie Mae just reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies. Love Sophia (my granddaughter’s middle name). I like Mila Grace too.

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My nana is Ella Mae :green_heart:

Mila Grace said Meela

Sofia Grace or Ellie Mae. Both are cute names!

Mila or Sophia Grace. I am really digging Mila Grace even though Sophia is one of my favorite little girl names.

Sofia Grace…! (I’m so biased, I have a niece named Sofia and Grace is my daughters middle name.) BEAUTIFUL NAMES…! :heart:

HARD PASS on the first name :grimacing: but Mila Grace is cute :wink:

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Sofia Grace is that little famous girls name it’s cute Mila is cute to Ellie Mae reminds me of the Beverly hillbillies Ellie Mae I’m going with mila Grace

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Sofia is the only regular name, lol, i like that one. :rofl:

Ellie Mae. Thats my middle name spelled the same way :heartpulse:

Elly May Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies TV show was a buxom, airheaded country bumpkin, so maybe want to rethink that one. Every other little girl in my dance classes is named Sophie or Sofia, so I vote for Mila Grace.

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Their all cute. I love Ellie May the most

They all sound very generic to me, sorry… Out of the 3, Mila

Sofia Grace is on our list of girl names as well. I love it. :sparkling_heart: I love Mila Grace as well.

I like mila but think people might not say it right. My daughters name is Thea and no one ever says it right. So i would go with sofia.

Ellie mae is adorable

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Sofia Grace is my gradughters name …shell be 4 on Sept

2= mila
3= ellie

I like Ellie Grace or Ella Grace

Ellie Mae or Sofia grace

Ellie Mae or Sofia Grace

Ellie or Mila. Sophia is SO over used.

It has to blend with the last name

I have a Sophia grace so I’m biased but Sophia grace would be my choice

Umm ellie mae clampet ? Don’t do that to a innocent child.

Mila Mae!!! So pretty!

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Ellie Mae is adorable.

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Ellie Mae grace
Sophia Mila grace

Sofia Grace
Mila Grace
*I think Mila Mae will get her picked on…lol

My daughter is elli may

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Ellie Mae is adorable

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Sofia Grace but I also love Ella Grace

My daughters is Sophia Grace. I really love Mila Grace tho!

Why not ellie grace? My daughter is Lola Grace.

Ellie Mae or Mila Grace! My moms name is Elly Mae :heartpulse:

Elia Grace is cute… although it’s not an option. Lol.

Sofia Grace. Sofia means wisdom​:+1::heart:

Ella Grace or Emma Grace.

Ellie mae
But im biased my daughters name is Ellen-Ann

Mila grace or Ellie Mae

I almost had Ellie!!
But I named her Ella Mae

Love Ellie

I say Sofia, my granddaughters name is Sophia Marie

I have an Ella grace :blush::purple_heart: but i love mila grace!

Ellie mae or Mila grace

Sofia Grace is very pretty

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I have a Thea Ellie Grace …

ellie mae is my moms dogs name. :grimacing:

Sophia. Ellie may is a pet name

I have a April Diane Grace

Ellie Mae is absolutely stunning !!

How about Emelia Grace? Or Sofia Mae?

Sophia Mae sophie mae :heart: adorbs.

What about Ellie Grace?

Lol I mean mila

Ellie Mae is gorgeous!!
Ellie name meaning Shining light! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Ellie Mae (1st choice)
Mila (2nd)
Then Sofia.

How about Everly-Grace
Or Everly-Gracie

I have a Ellie-May :heart:

I really liked Everly…I know you did not write it but it is so sweet and different…Whatever you decide blessings

i have a ellie short 4 elleccia so go 4 that

Sofia Grace, Ellie Mae is too Clampett like.

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I suggest waiting until you meet her. Then you will choose the perfect one for her :heartbeat:

Sofia Grace is my pick…all the best with your choice whatever it may be :slight_smile:

Mila grace is so unique :two_hearts:

Mila Grace. Very unique !!

Is nothing personal anymore, to me choosing child’s name was personal. It’s name that my husband and I chose to make the child proud.

I love Mila Grace! That is such a beautiful name.


Ellie Mae is so cute! I think it sounds more original

Sofia Grace is beautiful.

Sophia Grace it sounds classy

Mila Grace. I have 3 daughters Cailey Ann, Alyssa Grace & Emma LeAnn

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Mila, it’s so cute, but I like Mila Mae… Idk just cute.