Baby girl name ideas?

Middle names that go with Emma…
last name starts with an H.


My daughters name is Emma Noelle :heart:


My daughter is Emma Tegan

I love Emma Grace. My great grandmother was Emma Katherine

My daughter is Emma Christine

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My daughter is Emma Grace

My daughter name is Emma Marie

Rose, Jo, grace, jade, Leanne, autumn, lynn, marie, jean

Jean, Marie , Elizabeth

My goddaughter is Emma Rose.
I like Rose, Mae, Jane, Lea, Jean, Grace

When we thought about the name Emma, we thought about Grace or Layne to go with it. We ultimately didn’t go with Emma, but my girl’s middle names are Reese and Marie :blue_heart:

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My daughter is Emma Jaye, I literally just thought the middle name up one day both mine and my husbands name starts with a J so I thought it would be pretty cool to put it into her name :slightly_smiling_face: her one brothers name also starts with a J as well :slightly_smiling_face:

My Emma’s middle name is Jade

My daughters name is Emma Kathryn. It was a toss up between that and Addison

Leann, Dawn, Rain, Raelynn

Emma jean
Emma rose
Emma marie
Emma loraine
Emma nichole

Jean, Dawn, Rose, Marie, Denise.

Jo, Jean, May, Grace, LeAnn

My daughter is Emma Mae!

Emma leigh or Lee however you would like to spell it

Mae, Kaye, Louise, Grace, Lynn, Lee, Beth

Mae, Faye, Lynn, Marie

Jean, Janae, Jane, Renee, Joy

We have an Emma Susan. She goes by Emma Sue, and Sassy Sue. :wink:

Jade. It goes with everything :grin:

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Emma Raelynn… I have a bonus daughter and her name is Raelynn

Kate. Katherine. Jayde.

My family name is Emmaline. So we have Emmaline Elizabeth! Also have friends with Emma Jane and Emma Kate!

My friends name is Emma Elizabeth

Emma Marie
Emma Jane
Emma Elizabeth
Emma Rose
Emma Jade
Emma Riley
Emma Taylor
Emma Iris
Emma Brynn
Emma Sage
Emma Winter
Emma Wren

Emma Jean, Emma Rose, Emma Grace… really like Grace

My daughter is Emmalynn Cheyenne

My daughter’s name is Emma Rose

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Emma Jane. Emma Lynn. Emma Nicole.

Emma Grace
Emma Rose
Emma Marie
Emma Ray

My mother was Emma Elizabeth

Emma Katherine. Emma Danielle. Emma Christine. Emma May. Emma Marie.

Emma Leanne
Emma Lynn
Emma Marie

Emma Louise, Nickname: Emma Lou.

My Granny was Emma Gene, but every one called her Emma Lou

Emma Brielle, Emma Kamryn,Emma Justine, Emma Kate, Emma Jade, Emma Piper, Emma Shay,Emma Kylie.

I named my daughter Emma Ann. I also liked Rose and Amethyst.

Marie, Michele , Jane , Rose, Rosie, iris, Lilli , Belle, Noelle , Carrie , Susie , mindy , Melanie , Laurie, Gayle, !! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: I love the bane Emma :heart:

Emma Jo
Emma Jean
Emma Lynn
Emma Raine
Emma Lorraine
Emma Grace
Emma Rose
Emma Renne
Emma Skye
Emma Collins

My Emma is Emma Ryan but it’s after her dad. She was our 3rd girl and we were not trying again for a boy! If we hadn’t of chose to go with his name I wanted Emma Kate.

Emma Jean, Emma sue, Emma grace


My daughters is Emma Joy

My niece is Emma Lynn

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Emma Lee Emma marie
Emma nicole
Emma jean
Emma grace


My daughter is Emma Dawn

My step daughter is Emma Grace

Emma grace was my baby girl

Emma Rose … Emma Grace

Emma Michelle
Emma Mae
Emma Raylynn

My daughter is Emma Ann

My niece is Emma Leigh

Loraine, Noelle, Marie, Grace.

Emma Lee
Emma Sue
Emma Marie
Emma Lynn
Emma Rose

My granddaughter is Emma Louise, love it

Jane, Jean ,Leigh , Elizabeth ,

Leigh dawn jean sienna gail ann marie maisie grace rose elizabeh cathline caroline catherine louise alice amanda aarilyn diane ellen hailey harmony jasmine janice joslyn kayleigh may misty nadia opal penelope paisley roslyn raine samantha santana teal tessa trisha vanessa vera valerie yolanda zelda zena