Baby girl name ideas?

Baby girl name suggestions… even better if it’s one syllable!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Baby girl name ideas?

Isabella Ann is nice… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Calessa Anne, Nyla Anne,

Charlotte, Claire, Alexandra

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Willow an destiny ann

Melissa Ann or Laura Ann ,Olivia Ann

I wanted to name my daughter Daviegh after her Dad David. Which goes pretty with Ann. He ender up Naming her completely differently when I was in surgery afterwards. But I still love that name :relaxed:

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Katalaya or Katalina

Carlotta is a beautiful name!!

My nieces name is Bailey Ann

My little girl is … Dakotah Emersyn

Charlotte, Ryan, Arabella or Arabelle. Sage :joy: my full name is Sage Ann Cunningham.

My girls have unique names. I have Faithlyn Reese, Tovianna Rosalie (Tovi Rose), and Arynesss Kate (Nessa Kate).

Faithlyn Reese means “Trust in God with Enthusiasm”
Tovianna (Tow-vee-ah-nah) means "the goodness and grace of God)
Arynessa (Erin-essa) means “The Lord is my strength and peace”

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Tracy ann , Kimberley ann,

My moms name is Linda Ann and mine Angela Ann lol. A lot of names go with Ann. Best of luck!

When I had my first daughter I had only picked out a boy’s name because I thought she was a boy. Once I saw her it was like I knew her name.

Leather Ann, or London Rayne

Can I ask why you are doubting it? It’s beautiful. You could call her Lottie. :slight_smile:

I have a Taelyn, Adalee and Anistynn
I really liked the name Saylor and Everley if I had anymore girls.

Harper Ann
Gracey Ann
Isobella Ann
Rebekah Ann
Chloe Ann
Rylee Ann

Angel Rose cause she is a angel of God and beautiful as a rose

Ellysia Ann, Araya Ann, Alyse Ann, Kyra Ann, Eliza Ann 

Anything but Chloe lol :rofl:

I have an Autumn Rayne and a Courtney Paige

Julie Ann, Jacqueline Ann , Makenzie Ann

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My daughter’s name is Kirstin (pronounced keir-stin) leanne

U will know for sure what her name will be when she is born… what ever feels right to u I had a few names picked out with my kids and I just knew when I looked into my baby face which name they were :slight_smile:

We went back and forth with Katharine, Addalyn , and Charlotte

I have a mya Ann I have 5 daughters all their names start with an M

My name is not unique ,but it’s Rebecca Ann, my aunt’s name was Rebecca Elaine and my daughter’s name is Rebecca Michelle


Carlotta is a beatuiful name . Carol Cheryl

If I had a daughter I was going to make her Laurel Ann. My grandmother was Sophie Ann. My aunt is Cherie Ann. My sister is Elizabeth Ann.

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Kathy Ann, Tracy Ann, Ashley Ann,

Carlotta is very cute! & Unusual. I know one very adorable young lady with that name & every one just loves it
Her family & friends call her “Carla & Lottie”

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Eleanor Ann
Hensley Ann

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Marcia Ann {Pronounced Marsha}

I love different names. I love Carter for a girl… I also love Camilla

Corinna Ann
Lilith Ann

Jacinta Anne, Kristina Anne, Tracey Anne , Rebecka Anne,

Recently saw a lovely name, Tateyarna Ann. Very contemporary, yet remains classic with the Ann included.


I like charlotte Ann

Carlotta Sharleen. Or Carlotta Pylynn.


Harmony Ann, Harper Ann

Aurora Ann
Estella Ann
Caydence Ann
Persephone Ann
Willow Ann
Sage Ann

Love the name Carlotta that is my sisters middle name!

What ever you do don’t name her Cathy Jo

Cara, (I was going to name my daughter Cara Marie, but her father didn’t like it. So, instead, I named her for my Dad, his first name was Bernard. So I named her Brenda, drop an “r” and switch the letters around a bit. He didn’t like Marie either. His sister’s middle name is Kay. So we have a Brenda Kay), Amanda, Raelea, Dale, Aimee, Tricia, and Melanie. My favorites of these are Cara and Raelea.

I have a Soraya Anne

Valarie Ann , Amanda Ann , Sharon Ann , Christina Ann

How about Carly or charlotte

I kinda like Tricia Ann lol
Cassandra Ann
Charlotte Ann
Samantha Ann
Taylor Ann
Scarlett Ann
Victoria Ann

Honestly I wouldn’t do Ann Can


My youngest sister was Reba Ann

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Drew Ann. Let me know what you pick.

Kylee Ann, Larissa Ann

first name Loyalty middle name Ramya -ann then your last name I think that pretty girl name I was going to name my 8 the child that but I can’t have no more kids and I love giving kids with meanings

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My daughter’s name is Remington Ann

Carol Ann
Kayla Ann
Carly Ann
Caelyn Ann
Lauren Ann
Sarah Ann
Kaia Ann
Isbel Ann
Olivia Ann
Victoria(Tori) Ann

If this pregnancy had of been a girl I would have chosen Marleigh. My other girls are Cierra and Nevaeh

Cecelia, Elizabeth, Phyllis, Monica, Margaret, Charlotte, Betty, Susan, Sara, Deborah

Paisley,Everly,Emersyn,Olivia,Stormi, Lacey, Lashay, Amelia,Kylie,Jillian,Megan,Misty

I just would not put Ann Can

I’ve got a laila and a pippa Jay my next one if a girl will be posie :heart:

Carlotta is beautiful why change it.

Kelly Ann or Tammy Ann

My daughter is Kinzlee Ann

Libbey Ann
Stella Ann
Faith Ann
Brylee Ann
Kendyll Ann
Nora Ann
Thalia Ann
Parker Ann
Payton Ann

I have a Scarlett-ann. I had her Name picked out since my first very pregnancy with her older brother almost 10years ago and I kept with her name she is now 6

I had the name Margaret picked out for my fourth girl… but I named her Stella and used it a a middle name… I also had the name Evalynn picked out for my 3rd girl. (I have 4 girls)… I say name her what you have picked. You may regret not doing so.

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Heidi Ann, Harleigh Ann, Jennifer Ann

Ondrayah Ann

My daughter’s name is Raena (pronounced ray na)

I felt the same with my first born, we had a name picked out for either gender. But if we did change our minds like I thought about, I would have so much regret. I love his name and feel like nothing else would fit him. Obviously it’s your choice but just something to think about. :heart:

Magnolia Ann
Vada/Vaeda Ann
Opal Ann
Luca Ann
Eliot Ann
Aurora Ann
Isla Ann
Remy Ann
Baila Ann
Avonlea Ann
Ada Ann
Luna Ann


It’s not unique but my mama was…her name Lucy Ann

I have a Caylie Ann :heart:

Charlotte Ann is a lovely, classic name.

My daughters are
Sharlotte Michelle
Bexley Rose
Juniper Rayne :angel:
My niece is Opal Lillie

I chose Bellamy or Karliah (car-lie-uh) Had two boys though.

Karliah Ann would be pretty lol. Although I will say I got it from the Elderscrolls Skyrim game.

Barbara Ann was my.late sisters name

I’m Kathleen Ann. Family calls me Kathy Ann. I think the name you’ve chosen is beautiful though.

Mary. Martha. April. Alexa Anita. Charlotte. Kathleen

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Almost everything goes with Ann😄

Charlie,Charlene, carly,mary,

I got 3 girls!
Hazel Saraí
Danae Kristina
Imani Rose

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One of my friends always called me Carol Ann

My daughters are
Skylar Ann
Ryleigh Elizabeth
Kennedy Rein

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Baby girl name ideas?

My little girl is…
Dakotah Emersyn
Alayah Addisyn ( if we ever have another girl)

I’ve always liked Savannah or Amelia

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Tabitha, Heather,

I couldn’t have another child one was a miracle but if I had a daughter I would love to name after my best friend that was born with kidney disease she didn’t live pass 25 always love her name Kemah Renee.

I have yet to meet another Angelique :woman_shrugging:t2: (Anj-el-eek)

I have a Zoë-Belle.
Opal, Eliza and Odette are some of my other favorites.

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